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18 Mar. 2022


How to enter Ukraine for a foreigner during the war?



How to enter Ukraine for a foreigner during the war?

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Ukraine is an open country, with quite active migration processes of human resources in both directions. Until recently, a foreigner could enter us from the EU with only a biometric passport and proof of purpose and conditions, and from Turkey and Georgia, for example, only with an ID card. And the movement for pre-issued visas was quite lively. However, the times are wartime, so many people in our friendly countries are wondering if it is as easy to enter as in the past.

This issue worries, first of all, those who have relatives in Ukraine and want to pick them up and escort them to a safe place. And those who have expressed a desire to fight the Russian invasion of our territory with weapons in hand, or to help locals with volunteerism. If before everyone was watching the news about quarantine restrictions and were happy to ease them earlier this year, now the country is at war, so there are many nuances about foreigners crossing the border in this direction.

For relatives of Ukrainians
If you do not come from a country or area - a direct participant in the conflict (Russia, Belarus, Crimea, The temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine), it is enough to have the following documents:
 · Valid passport,
 · Entry visa (does not apply to countries with which we have a visa, and the purpose of entry is not a work, study, etc.),
 · Confirmation of the purpose of the planned stay and financial support for this time, return ticket (if any). If you are going to help relatives, it is advisable to have a document that records your connections.
Of course, those who are banned from entering will not be allowed in.
Information on coronavirus tests / vaccination confirmation / disease is conflicting. On the one hand, even before the war, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the extension of quarantine and restrictive anti-epidemic measures until May 31, 2022, as stated in the relevant Resolution.  However, he did not have time to register and publish this document, so it did not enter into force.  So the war won the coronavirus.

For volunteers
The State Border Guard Service emphasizes that now the conditions for the transportation of humanitarian aid and the movement of members of European volunteer centers have been simplified as much as possible. Even a kind of "green corridors" for such goods with the appropriate support was created - special customs officers are assigned to service the transport. However, it should be remembered that the purchaser of the "humanitarian" must send a letter in advance to the e-mail address of the border detachment or the Western Regional Office (indicating the checkpoint), where there will be contacts and information about the vehicle. Detachment addresses:
Volyn Border Detachment - [email protected]
Lviv Border Detachment - [email protected]
Chop Border Detachment - [email protected]
Mukachevo Border Detachment - [email protected]
Chernivtsi Border Detachment - [email protected]
Western Regional Administration - [email protected]
All questions - by phone (032) 239 00 62;  (032) 275-62-90.