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06 Apr. 2022


Turkish Airlines resumes stopovers in Istanbul



Turkish Airlines resumes stopovers in Istanbul

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Turkish Airlines is renewing stopovers in Istanbul - passengers will be able to make a stopover in the city and enjoy a free night at airline partner hotels, if the time slot until the next flight is not less than 20 hours. Thanks to the stopover, passengers will be able to get to know the city and wait for the continuation of the trip at the hotel for free.

For Business class passengers it is possible to stay in five-star hotels for 2 nights, for Economy class - four stars for one night.

To use the free accommodation, you need to send an email to the address corresponding to your departure point. Contact list is here. The letter must include your name, booking PNR code or ticket number, date range of your stopover, desired room (single, double, triple), telephone number and email.

This letter should be sent no later than 72 hours before the first flight on your route.

More about the terms of service on the site