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Construction business abroad: experience of investor and developer Anton Taranenko



Construction business abroad: experience of investor and developer Anton Taranenko

Globalization and access to the international market offer construction companies competitive advantages. However, along with opportunities, there are also certain obstacles. Anton Taranenko, CEO of ANTA Group, an international developer with more than 10 years of experience in the real estate market, spoke in detail about the main trends in the global construction industry and shared the benefits of investing in construction abroad

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Given the increase in competition and available prospects, more and more construction companies are entering the international market: looking for new types of activities abroad, as well as gaining unique experience, knowledge and technologies. Globalization gives the company a competitive advantage and access to new customers. However, in addition to existing opportunities, it is also associated with certain challenges.

Anton Taranenko, CEO of ANTA Group, an international developer that has been working on the real estate market for more than 10 years, will talk in detail about the main trends in the global construction industry, the advantages of investing in construction abroad and possible obstacles.

Construction business abroad - current state and impact of technology

In many countries, especially developed ones, there is a growing demand for real estate and construction services. This is due to the expansion of the economy, population growth, changes in urbanization and regional development. In the last decade, the construction sector abroad has been significantly affected by innovative technologies and smart construction. For example, Singapore is recognized as one of the most innovative countries in the construction industry. They are the first to implement a digital technology system - Building Information Modeling (BIM), which reliably ensures accuracy, efficiency and safety in construction.

Canada has successfully reformed building legislation to simplify and standardize the process of obtaining building permits. The introduction of one general building code instead of different local regulations allowed to reduce bureaucracy and accelerate the development of the construction industry. The Netherlands also adopted an initiative that provides for a simplified process of obtaining a building permit for housing. This process was reduced from several months to one day, which significantly accelerated the development of the housing sector and the development of the construction business.

These are just a few examples of countries that are taking measures to improve legislation and stimulate the development of the construction industry. But, of course, the construction business abroad depends on many factors, such as political stability, economic development, the state of infrastructure and the level of competition.

Also, in recent years, technologies that help improve processes, increase efficiency, and improve results have had a significant impact on the modern construction business.

Modern technologies that have made a breakthrough in the construction industry include:

1. Building Information Modeling (BIM): BIM is a technology that allows you to produce digital 3D models of buildings integrating all information about the building structure, materials and execution process. BIM is a virtual modeling that allows you to detect errors in the early stages of the project, which significantly saves time and money.

2. Drones: The use of drones in the construction industry allows you to inspect and monitor construction sites, take pictures of high-altitude objects, capture and provide images from the air.

3. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a set of Internet-connected devices equipped with means of receiving and transmitting data for the purpose of monitoring and controlling various systems. This allows for intelligent management of energy consumption, maintaining building security, monitoring the condition of technical equipment and responding to accidents.

4. Virtual reality: The use of VR and AR technologies allows you to realistically model spaces and create virtual walks through buildings. This facilitates understanding and promotes better understanding between clients, architects and contractors.

5. 3D printing: Thanks to 3D printing in the construction industry, parts, elements and even entire buildings are manufactured. This speeds up the construction process, saves materials and reduces waste.

The countries of the world promote the development of the construction sector: they simplify legislation and attract innovative technologies. These factors create favorable conditions for investing in real estate and globalization of the construction business.

Investing in construction abroad - the main advantages and challenges

Working with various foreign real estate markets opens up the opportunity to attract new clients and investors, expand your real estate portfolio and spread risks. Cooperation with foreign partners makes it possible to build new partnerships, replenish the network of professional contacts, get a deeper understanding of market trends and demand for real estate in different countries. Thanks to this, you will find new opportunities, innovative ideas and solutions that will become new competitive advantages in the future.

Of course, cooperation with foreign markets can also have its challenges, such as cultural differences, language barriers and currency fluctuation risks. Before expanding into foreign real estate markets, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis of the chosen country for business and develop a clear promotion strategy.

The success of international construction projects usually requires consideration of many factors. First of all, it is the location. Choosing the right location is critical to the success of a construction project. It is important to take into account accessibility to infrastructure facilities, local development rates, demand and market competition.

A successful international construction project requires an understanding of local legislation and regulatory requirements. This includes building permits, building codes, safety regulations and other requirements. Ensuring stable financing, effective cost management, realistic planning and budget control are also important factors for project success.

Another important factor in the growth of any international business is effective communication and understanding of local culture. The ability to adapt to local customs, language and communication culture ensures success and productive cooperation with local stakeholders.

Therefore, investing in construction abroad has many advantages, the main thing is to choose a good object and take into account possible risks.

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How to invest in construction abroad? Experience of Anta Group

In the beginning, I always invest my own capital in real estate. And only after obtaining a good result, my company and I enter the market as developers and start building and helping other investors.

Our company, Anta Group, has been on the international market for more than 10 years. We are currently building three premium apartment properties in Turkey in the most promising areas of the city of Antalya and an apart-hotel project on the amazing island of Bali. The places were not chosen by chance, because there is good seasonality, a constant flow of tourists, and an attractive investment climate. These factors provide our investors with the most favorable conditions for obtaining income from investments. Turkey and Bali are the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The annual influx of tourists provides stable demand for real estate and hotel services, which creates prospects for successful business operations.

If you are planning to expand your construction business abroad, do a thorough market research to understand its potential, competition and legal requirements. Assessing demand, competitors, and culture will help you adapt to a new market. Build strong partnerships with local contractors, architects and other stakeholders. They understand local realities and will help you realize your business ideas. Always be aware of local building codes, obtain all permits, and comply with laws and regulations.

Be sure to develop an objective business plan. Carefully calculate financial indicators, determine potential risks and future income from your project. Implementation of an international construction project may require time, adaptation to local requirements, consideration of cultural contexts and changes in conditions. Be flexible, always ready to make quick changes to plans and strategies. Learn about local culture, traditions, customs and etiquette. Show respect for local traditions and values.

These rules will help the investor enter the international construction market and get the maximum profit from investments in real estate.

Success of investment projects

During the entire period of work of Anta Group, 37 successful projects were implemented and more than 400 apartments were sold. We are currently building a modern 5-star hotel complex with a unique infrastructure in Bali – ANTA Residence Canggu. It will be located on the main street of Canggu - Batu Bolong, 7 minutes from the Indian Ocean. When we chose the concept of this project, the choice fell on such a type of real estate as an apartment hotel. Because there is a severe lack of premium hotel complexes in this area, and we decided to create a new point of attraction for tourists. ANTA Residence Canggu includes 113 apartments with modern renovations, quality furniture and appliances. It combines all possible services: restaurant, coffee shop, co-working space, beauty salons and spa, event hall for parties and concerts, gym, surf school. The complex attracts with its design: a roof in the form of waves for surfing and a huge infinity pool under this wave. According to the project, about 10,000 plants are planned to be planted on the territory of the complex, including beautiful 5-meter palm trees and rare tropical plants that are found only on the beautiful island of Bali.

For the comfort of apartment owners, the international hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group will provide complex management

Send all your questions to a special closed chat with investors and representatives of Anta Group Development.

Read more about the ANTA Residence Canggu project at the link.

Construction is an important branch of the economy, which makes a great contribution to the economic development of states. Globalization gives companies greater access to construction markets, which in turn creates more direct competition. At the same time, many exciting innovations are taking place in the construction industry. These trends demonstrate the sector's prospects and opportunities for growth, development and profitable investment.

We remind you! Earlier we wrote that despite the challenges faced by the tourism industry today, Ukrainian hotels and travel companies are actively improving their strategies to ensure stability and attractiveness for our citizens and foreign visitors. Find out more about how the hotel and tourism business in Ukraine is adapting and continuing to operate in the midst of the war.

Read more interesting and expert information about business and investment in foreign real estate on Anton Taranenko's Telegram channel and Instagram page.

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