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11 Apr. 2022


An application to check suspects has been started in Ukraine



An application to check suspects has been started in Ukraine

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In Ukraine, an application "WhoAreYou" has been started to check suspects.

The application was developed by the YouControl and Artellence teams with the support of cyber specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Its main purpose is to simplify the procedure for checking suspects at checkpoints, on the streets during curfew, at the entrance to shelters or in other situations.

The application does not contain, store or transfer personal data of persons, and works with information from open registers.

Thanks to it you can check:

🔹 whether the photo in the passport is true, whether the passport is invalid and whether it is considered lost

🔹 whether the person is on the state wanted list

🔹 whether the NSDC sanctions have been imposed on it and whether this person is present in the register of terrorists

🔹 whether the person is included in the list of military terrorists and DRG or the Peacekeeper base

🔹 whether the car of the person is wanted

❗️We emphasize: in case of detection of a "risk factor" with the help of the application, it is necessary to immediately pass this information to the representatives of law enforcement agencies for more thorough and additional verification.

You can download the application by following the links:

➡️ Google Play - 

➡️ App Store -