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16 Apr. 2022


How can Ukrainian refugees open a bank account in Romania

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How can Ukrainian refugees open a bank account in Romania

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In just two weeks of the war, 291,081 Ukrainians crossed the Romanian border. Some of them go further - to other European countries, but many remain, trying to arrange their lives in such a familiar, almost native, Romania. In this country, as elsewhere in the Eurozone, simplified and very humane mechanisms of employment and social support have been adopted for Ukrainian refugees. And if we speak about the temporary integration into Romanian society, our fellow citizens can not do without familiarity with the banking system of this country and without opening current accounts in it, in particular.

Special offers from Romanian banks

Eastern European banks are still in the lead in tolerance of Ukrainian refugees. And the Romanian ones, interestingly, are among the most attractive.

Banca Comercială Română (BCR)

Documents. None when making an George account online. However, since account management is completely virtualized and comes from your smartphone - you will use eToken BCR - you need a security system (Face ID / fingerprint / PIN code).

Account opening procedure. For Ukrainians, the current account is opened free of charge. Here you register, choose the type of card and its color, fill out a questionnaire with income data, the purpose of opening an account, the delivery address of the card. Then a specialist will call you by video link, sign an e-contract and you will receive it by e-mail with all the instructions. However, an item with an electronic signature can cause some difficulties - it is unlikely that you have managed to issue it in this country. In this case, arrange a meeting at the office and receive all documents directly on the spot (see contacts below).

Terms. Services, payments to other banks and within BCR, debit card to this account in foreign currency (dollars / euros) - are free of charge. There is no commission for currency conversion (payment by cards of currencies other than RON), and for transactions in ATMs and POS-terminals of this bank with Ukrainian cards. All these conditions are accepted until March 1, 2024. Round-the-clock support in Ukrainian: +40.373.514.244. Contacts: It is possible to register online or by phone for a visit to a convenient office.

By the way, you can exchange hryvnias for lei at the rate of the Bank of the People of Romania: buy 1,000 lei for presenting a Ukrainian passport. This is done by the border branches of the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), working around the clock 7/7 (a total of 11 institutions, a list of these branches), all questions by phone. 0373514244 or e-mail: [email protected].

Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Documents. Passport or Ukrainian identity card (full name must be in Latin).

Account opening procedure. Come to the bank branch (map - with the document.

Terms. The debit card in lei is opened instantly and free of charge, together with the opening of a current account. Free for Ukrainians: cash withdrawal in the EU, card / account service, payments through the bank's POS terminals. You can work through Western Union. Tel. * 2000 or 004 021 306 3002, round the clock, English and Romanian.

ING Bank Romania

Documents. Identity card in Latin, certificate of income or receipt of state social assistance, regardless of whether you applied for temporary protection or full asylum.

Account opening procedure. Free opening of an ING Elementar account (lei) is available in one of the bank's offices (sign up for a visit here) if you do not have an account in another bank and prove that your monthly income does not exceed 2300 lei (in principle, a package of documents you packed in the registration center for temporary protection seekers will suffice).

Terms. Debit contactless card to the account (Visa Electron / Visa Classic Internațional), internet banking. Zero account maintenance fee, you can additionally open accounts in USD / EUR in addition to RON. Online translators. Phone for inquiries: +40314062464, and in general all contacts are here:, as well as a map of branches / ATMs.

These banks emphasize that these proposals are specifically designed for Ukrainians currently in Romania. However, the whole range of banks in this country is by no means limited to them - it's just that others, perhaps, have not yet made special agreements, or do not plan to do so at all. Just in case, suddenly, you want to contact another financial institution, the website of the National Bank of Romania has an exhaustive list of them: (with contacts).