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04 Jan. 2024


Increased benefits, faster job search and more: what changes await refugees in Germany in 2024

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Increased benefits, faster job search and more: what changes await refugees in Germany in 2024

This year, refugees in Germany expect a number of significant changes. Learn more about the key initiatives that will improve the stay of Ukrainians in Germany

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

More than a million Ukrainians have been granted temporary protection in Germany. In 2024, the local authorities decided to make important changes to the living conditions and welfare of Ukrainian refugees, including benefits and employment opportunities. 

RBC-Ukraine explains what innovations Ukrainians can expect in Germany. 

Changes for Ukrainian refugees in Germany in 2024: details

Unemployment benefits may be canceled for refusal to work

The German authorities have developed initiatives aimed at improving the conditions for receiving social assistance and employment.

Currently, Ukrainian refugees in Germany receive Bürgergeld unemployment benefits on an equal footing with citizens. Approximately 700,000 Ukrainians, including 480,000 of working age, receive this assistance. At the same time, the employment rate among them is only 19%.

Labor Minister Hubertus Heil has announced a possible partial abolition of the allowance for those who refuse to take up jobs without a good reason. According to the new bill, payments will not be accrued for two months, but housing and utilities will continue to be paid by employment centers. After that, if a person refuses a job offer, sanctions of 10% to 100% may be imposed.

It is expected that the amendments to the legislation will be considered and approved by MPs, and their implementation is possible in the first months of 2024.

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The amount of payments for Ukrainian refugees will increase by 12%

Since the beginning of 2024, the amount of social assistance and civil assistance for Ukrainian refugees in Germany has increased by 12%, taking into account different categories of recipients. This initiative is aimed at improving living conditions and ensuring a humane minimum subsistence level for those who find themselves in emergency circumstances and need state assistance.

The new standards of Bürgergeld civilian aid payments for Ukrainian refugees are designed for different categories of people. For example, for single persons or single parents, the amount of payments is EUR 563, which is up from EUR 502 previously. In the family parameters, the amount of payments per partner increased from 451 euros to 506 euros. For adults in institutions, the benefit amount is 451 euros, compared to the previous 402 euros.

For adolescents aged 14-17, the allowance increased from 420 euros to 471 euros, and for children aged 6-13, from 348 euros to 390 euros. For children under 5 years of age, the amount of payments now amounts to 357 euros, which is up from 318 euros previously.

The amount allocated for personal school supplies will also increase by about 12%. In the first half of the school year, payments increased from 116 euros to 130 euros, and in the second half - from 58 euros to 65 euros. These amounts cover the cost of pens, colored pencils, calculators, notebooks and materials for handicrafts. These measures are aimed at improving the living and learning conditions for Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

JobTurbo fast-track employment program for Ukrainians in Germany

In October 2023, the German government launched the JobTurbo initiative to accelerate the employment of refugees from Ukraine. This program includes a number of principles aimed at efficient and faster integration of Ukrainians into the work environment.

One of the key aspects is a change in the approach to language learning. Previously, employment centers provided Ukrainians with the opportunity to take language courses at the B2 level and above, financing this process. However, the new initiative prioritizes language learning in the work environment, putting this task on the shoulders of employers.

The program also emphasizes the priority of working on qualifications. Previously, employment centers emphasized the qualifications of Ukrainian refugees to improve their chances in the labor market. However, according to the new JobTurbo principles, priority is given to faster entry into the workforce, and the search for vacancies will continue while the refugees are taking courses.

One of the main requirements is Zumutbar, which means that the work must be reasonable and only health issues can justify refusing a job. Qualifications and job preferences are now considered less of a priority.

The new program also provides for more frequent meetings with the employment center, which are planned to be held every 6 weeks, to ensure more effective support and counseling for Ukrainian refugees. Also, for those who have successfully completed the first training, the employment centers will develop new cooperation plans to optimize the process of accelerated employment.

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Earlier we wrote that the support programs for refugees from Ukraine are constantly changing, and some of them are being completely canceled by the authorities. Find out what major changes for Ukrainians will take place in Poland in 2024 and what to expect in the near future.

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