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Where to go in Kyiv: offbeat places to visit this weekend (part 1)



Where to go in Kyiv: offbeat places to visit this weekend (part 1)

Mysterious Kyiv - always beckons tourists, especially those who have not yet had time to explore this city. Learn how to dive into the secret paths of Goloseev, feel the mysticism of Bald Mountain and go on an exciting tour of underground Kyiv

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, founded, if history is to be believed, in the distant IX century. During this time, the history of the city has been filled with various interesting facts, as well as mystical legends. We tell you which places you should visit today to get to know Kyiv from top to bottom. 

During its centuries-long history, Kyiv has been under the protectorate of various states, which has filled it with international beauty and diversity. 

What places to visit in Kyiv? 

We recommend starting your journey with the "Secret paths of Goloseev", where every corner is teeming with legends and mysteries. Find out what lies behind the name "City of Miracles" and where the mysterious Sacred Glade is located. Immerse yourself in history by learning about how one man was able to found a monastery, and visit the most remote area of the city, where a unique atmosphere lurks. And of course, don't miss meeting the ancient oaks of Kyiv. By the way, one of them is more than 800 years old.

It is worth noting that Goloseevsky district of Kyiv keeps a lot of undiscovered secrets. The picturesque valley, reminiscent of the Carpathian Mountains, is one of them. To enjoy the mountain scenery without leaving the city, you should make a tour "Kyiv Carpathians". There you will be able to see not only beautiful landscapes, but also visit the famous village-museum "Pirogovo", where the historical residential infrastructure from different cities of Ukraine is located.

Did you know that Kyiv is considered to be a mystical city? Yes, this is what poets like Gogol and Bulgakov wrote about. There are many places in the city that testify to the presence of unclean forces.

Take, for example, Bald Mountain. This place has been considered cursed for centuries, and some people even said that they saw unusual phenomena there. Bald Mountain is known for the pagan rituals that took place during the Kyivan Rus. Today, as before, Bald Mountain is considered to be the dwelling place of various witches, mermaids and other mystical characters.

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If you want to experience the exciting energy power of this mountain, we recommend you to make an individual tour "Mystical Kyiv", which will cost only 4900 UAH (119 euros).

Kyivopens to its guests from different sides, to some - as a mystical city, and to some - as a city of romance and warmth. This is how it was seen by the outstanding poet Vasyl Stus, who lived in the Ukrainian capital.

Interestingly, Stus devoted his life not only to poetry, but also to the defence of rights. It was this man who opposed the policy of repression and oppression, and his literary works, including poems, were banned by the Soviet regime because of their political orientation. All the most interesting facts about the poet's life can be learnt during the excursion "Vasily Stus`s Kyiv". Such an informative weekend will cost about UAH 5100 (EUR 125).

As you know, the Ukrainian capital is divided into two banks of the Dnieper. Although the historical centre of the city is located on the right bank, the left bank is considered no less interesting and keeps its history of existence. It is worth getting acquainted with the history of "Lost Pozniaki". This individual excursion will tell you a lot of interesting things, for example, how the eponymous museum of the microdistrict was created or how the natives defend their outposts.

What else might surprise you on this tour? Have you ever seen cosy white rural houses lurking among the high-rise giants of a modern housing estate? It looks amazing and not really unusual! You can get the Lost Poznyaki tour for only 5100 UAH (125 Euro).

As we have already said, Kyiv is a diverse and modern city. One of Kyiv's specialities is street art. Painted walls of houses, murals, mosaics - all this is scattered in different districts of the Ukrainian capital. But this art looks quite harmonious. The scale of artistic beauty of Kyiv is so great that the famous anonymous street art artist Banksy could not pass by the city.

To get a glimpse of the artistic beauty of street art in Kyiv, we recommend you to visit an individual tour "Street Art", the price of which will be about 4.5 thousand hryvnias or 108 euros.

You will be surprised, but not all of Kiv's history is on the surface of the city. Strolling through the narrow streets of the old city, you are soon immersed in its rich history and legends, which melt under your feet like mysterious streams of dungeons. And if you've already felt the excitement of the mystical auras surrounding Bald Mountain, the upcoming offerings will be a real eye-opener.

Diving into the bowels of the ancient city, you will be able to feel its breath and see its secrets hidden in the depths. Here, under the city squares and streets, there are networks of underground passages, mysterious catacombs and caves, where not only historical secrets but also mystical forces lurk. To see it with your own eyes, there are three offers for you at once:

1. Individual tour "Underground Khreshchatyk" - 5400 UAH (132 Euro);

2. Group tour "Underground Podil" - about 620 UAH (15 euros);

3. Group tour "The Labyrinths of Prince Askold" - about 620 UAH (15 euros).

It is worth noting that tours from Visit Ukraine are organised at the highest level and offer all amenities for guests, including foreign ones. In particular, the tours provide professional guides who can conduct the tour in both English and Ukrainian languages.

It is also important to know that on our website - the largest selection of tours in Ukraine. You can find more offers at the link.

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