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10 Mar. 2024


How a Ukrainian can buy a car in Poland: algorithm of actions and tips

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How a Ukrainian can buy a car in Poland: algorithm of actions and tips

Foreign citizens, and Ukrainians in particular, can freely buy a car in Poland, but depending on where the vehicle will be registered in the future, the purchase process may differ. Find out more about how to buy a car in Poland without risks and unnecessary expenses

Insurance policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Insurance policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

Buying a car abroad has long been a common thing for Ukrainians. However, due to the full-scale invasion, a significant number of cars are now being purchased not only for re-registration in Ukraine, but also for personal use in a country that has granted temporary protection.

So, where to look for a car, what documents are required, and how to conclude a vehicle purchase agreement in Poland - we will tell you further in the article.

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Where to look for a used car in Poland?

Buying a new car should not raise any questions, as it is enough to contact the service center of the desired brand. However, finding a used car may be more difficult. The most popular and convenient option is to use specialized websites with thousands of ads from car owners and dealers.

Here is a list of the most popular websites for selling cars in Poland:






Another option is the so-called commission shops. Usually, these stores are similar to regular car dealerships, where you can inspect and buy a used car. However, you should keep in mind that the price of used cars in such stores will be higher than on specialized websites.

It is worth remembering that buying a used car always involves a number of risks. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is imperative to inspect the car and check its VIN code through the Central Transport Register of Poland.

How is a car purchase agreement formalized in Poland?

In the process of buying a car, the new owner must receive a document confirming the transfer of ownership of the vehicle - a purchase and sale agreement (or an invoice if the seller is a legal entity). The contract must contain the following information:

– personal data of the seller and the buyer (full name, series and number of identity documents, PESEL or TIN)

– information about the car (make, model, VIN-code, year of manufacture, volume, etc;)

– the cost of the car and the form of payment;

– place and date of the contract.

The seller must hand it over to the new owner:

– Karta pojazdu (a document with all the necessary information about the car);

– Dowód rejestracyjny (confirmation of car registration);

– Insurance policy (the new owner can use the existing insurance or take out a new one at his/her discretion)

– Car keys.

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How to register a purchased car in Poland?

After signing a car purchase agreement, the new owner must register the vehicle within 30 days. Operating a car without registration is strictly prohibited. Registration can be done at the local office at the place of residence.

Documents required for car registration:

– application for vehicle registration (wniosek o rejestrację pojazdu);

– a document confirming the ownership (purchase and sale agreement or invoice);

– a certificate of registration of the car (Dowód rejestracyjny), which was handed over by the old owner (the car must be after a technical inspection, if the previous period has expired, you will have to undergo a new inspection);

– license plates;

– Karta pojazdu (from the previous owner);

– an identity document;

– a document confirming the legality of staying in Poland;

– car insurance;

– receipts of payment of fees.

The service of registering a used car will cost about PLN 200. When registering a new car, you must additionally pay an excise duty, the amount of which depends on the engine capacity of the vehicle: up to 2 liters - a little more than 3% of the cost, more than 2 liters - about 19%.

How to buy a car for re-registration in Ukraine?

If a car is purchased for further customs clearance outside the country, the new owner must deregister it in Poland (obtain a temporary registration and license plates) and obtain an export declaration (SAD). In addition, you will have to take out short-term insurance.

After importing the car into the territory of Ukraine, the owner must have it customs cleared. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide:

– Karta pojazdu

– Dowód rejestracyjny (analogous to a technical passport)

– SAD/Decyzja (certificate of deregistration of the car in Poland)

– Purchase and sale agreement

– Ukrainian passport and identification code

In addition, the new owner pays customs duties (5-10% of the car price), value added tax (VAT - 20%) and excise tax (the amount depends on the engine size). Customs clearance can be done at any customs office in Ukraine.

Remember! In order to drive freely in Poland and 48 other countries of the world in a car with foreign registration, the driver must have a Green Card insurance policy. The absence or delay of insurance is fraught not only with fines that are several dozen times higher than the cost of the insurance policy for a year, but also with the seizure of the car and deportation from the country with a subsequent ban on entry. You can take out insurance for the required period on our website. Read more about the amount of fines in Europe for not having a Green Card here.

We remind you! From now on, it is possible to take the theoretical test for a driver's license in Ukrainian in Poland. At the same time, it is proposed to take the practical exam with an interpreter. Read about the conditions for obtaining a driver's license and the cost of a driver's license in 2024 in our previous article.

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