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How to donate for Ukraine and support its citizens: several effective ways

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Way to Victory
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How to donate for Ukraine and support its citizens: several effective ways

Ukrainians have recently begun to think more often about the fact that the West has begun to forget about the war that Ukraine is experiencing. This is happening at a very critical time when the enemy is getting tougher and more desperate. Find out how you can help Ukrainians to be part of the overall victory

Order Visit Ukraine branded merchandise and support Ukraine (worldwide delivery)
Order Visit Ukraine branded merchandise and support Ukraine (worldwide delivery)

Ukraine has been at war for more than two years now, but despite this, the country's citizens continue to work hard to win, and the Ukrainian economy is trying to work as hard as it can to ensure the viability of various sectors, including tourism. However, now more than ever, Ukraine needs support, so we're going to tell you how you can help the state and personally take part in supporting Ukrainians.

Donation tours

To help as many people as possible learn the truth about what is happening in Ukraine and to get involved in supporting the country in such a difficult time, Visit Ukraine offers donation tours.

This is a unique offer, as it is not just an opportunity to see the brutality of Russian aggression with your own eyes. It is a way to experience Ukrainian culture, communicate with Ukrainians, immerse yourself in the life of a country at war, and make a personal contribution not only to supporting the country, but also to the overall Victory. 

Each donation tour is tailored to the individual wishes and requests of the tourist and the situation in the region during the trip. Tour participants can choose the direction of the tour and take part in various activities aimed at helping Ukrainian citizens in the regions that continue to suffer from the war.

Tourists can choose the activities they want to join and, accordingly, the area they want to donate to. This can be:

1. Humanitarian aid in the form of food (forming food parcels for the affected and low-income population)

2. Personal hygiene products for daily use

3. Assistance to animals (food, medicines, sterilisation, overstaying, etc.)

4. Medicines for civilians (children, adults, elderly)

5. Heating of housing (stoves, stoves, rockets, etc.) donation for production

6. Supporting the work of the volunteer centre (fuel for humanitarian aid delivery, car repairs)

7. Help for children. Humanitarian aid for children under 3 years of age (nappies, wet wipes, formula, porridge, mashed potatoes, etc.). Humanitarian aid for children under 10 (school supplies, books, etc.)

8. Construction materials to rebuild the affected houses and apartments.

9. Generators and solar panels.

10. Assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

11. ecology

The cost of the tour is floating and depends on the number of days in Ukraine and the individual needs and wishes of the tourist. The minimum donation is $500.

For more information on the terms of the donation tour, please click here.

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Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

We offer tours only to safe areas, and we involve experienced guides who know how to act in a critical situation. However, in order for the trip to be as comfortable and safe as possible, the tourist must consciously approach the planning of the trip. The main safety measures that a tourist should take include:

1. Compliance with the curfew.

2. Responding to an air raid alert (for this purpose, we recommend installing the Air Alert application on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play, and immediately after the threat is announced, go to the nearest shelter).

3. Obtaining an insurance policy covering military risks.

Other ways to support Ukraine

Ukrainians who are currently far from home and unable to return to their homeland can also make a significant contribution to supporting Ukraine.

One of the ways is to wear patriotic symbols on your clothes to remind foreigners of Ukraine. The VU portal continues to create unique merchandise that has become a part of style for many people. From T-shirts and sweatshirts to towels and mugs, each item carries not only quality but also national identity.

In addition, VU merchandise is a great way to express gratitude to those who help Ukrainian refugees abroad. It is a unique way to give them not only items, but also a piece of home that will remind them of the compassionate Ukrainian people.

Visit Ukraine does not just give you the opportunity to buy stylish items with the symbols of Ukraine, they also offer you to become an ambassador of this beautiful country. 

By purchasing our products, you become more than just a customer. You become a voice that says that Ukraine deserves your support. You become a bridge that connects Ukraine with the world. By promoting the country, you take an important step towards making more people aware of Ukraine, its culture, history and current challenges.

This effect can be compared to many other examples where merchandise is used to support a particular idea or movement. For example, when you see a cap with a brand's logo on it, you become its living advertisement. Similarly, when you wear Visit Ukraine merchandise, you become a living advertisement for Ukraine, its beauty and strength.

We remind you! Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the European Union has hosted more than 4 million Ukrainian refugees. Despite the large number of displaced persons, EU countries continue to accept citizens in need. Read here to find out which countries still provide temporary residence on their territory and what conditions they offer.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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