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13 Apr. 2024


Basalt pillars, fort and cities: top little-known places in Western Ukraine

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Basalt pillars, fort and cities: top little-known places in Western Ukraine

Ukraine is an amazing country with a very rich history: many castles, natural wonders and beautiful cities. Some of these sites are located in the western regions of the country and are ready to welcome tourists today. Find out about the places you probably haven't seen yet, but are still some of the most tempting locations in Ukraine

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

Western Ukraine is full of places that impress with their beauty and uniqueness. Many of them are not widely known among tourists, which makes them ideal for exploration by those who are eager for new discoveries. Here are the top 5 little-known but incredibly beautiful places in Western Ukraine.

Tarakaniv Fort 

Not far from Dubno (Lviv region), there is a true masterpiece of military architecture - the Tarakaniv Fort, created in the nineteenth century.

Spanning over 4 hectares and comprising 7 levels underground, the fort contained everything necessary for the garrison to function: from a bakery and laundry to a church, a morgue, a telephone system and three drinking water wells.

Today, the Tarakaniv Fort is a complex labyrinth of underground corridors, tunnels, rooms, fortifications and stairs. The fort is accessed through entrances located in four defensive moats surrounding the structure.

The town of Zalishchyky

In the Ternopil region, there is a beautiful city with panoramic views of the Dniester Canyon. This settlement is also called the Ukrainian Revue. Its location in the loop of the Dniester River, the abundance of parks and greenery, and the ancient city architecture make it incredibly beautiful.

The opposite Bukovinian bank of the Dniester, which surrounds Zalishchyky on three sides, in particular from the south and east, rises above the river with a 70-120 metre high shear wall. It is from this side that you can enjoy an amazing view of the whole town and the meander of the Dniester. 

If you are going to visit this city, be sure to bring your camera and be in a good mood.


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Basalt pillars

Many people in Ukraine have not yet discovered this amazing natural object near the village of Basaltove. Even the residents of the neighbourhood are often unaware of the treasure hidden not far from their homes. 

These are basalt pillars - impressive stone columns that form polyhedra and proudly rise up. These impressive pillars can be up to 1.2 metres in diameter and 30 metres high, creating an impressive landscape.

This geological reserve is located in Kostopil district, Rivne region, near the villages of Bazaltove and Berestovets.

Manyavsky waterfall

The Manyavsky Waterfall is a truly unique natural wonder, hidden in a picturesque gorge on the Manyavka River, surrounded by sharp rocks. This waterfall creates cascades that seem to pierce through time itself, giving you the opportunity to see ancient rocks that are more than 60 million years old.

It is recommended to visit Maniava Waterfall at least twice: in summer and winter. In the cold season, it takes on a particularly mystical appearance, as if hiding among the snowy branches, while the number of tourists is significantly reduced, which provides a unique opportunity to enjoy peace and solitude.

Photo: Serhiy Fox

By the way, this is not the only waterfall in Ukraine. For example, one of the most romantic places, the Davir Waterfall, is located in Zakarpattia. This is an indescribable object that every tourist should see with their own eyes. If you want to book a tour to Zakarpattia or any other place in Ukraine quickly and without any difficulties, follow this link.


Boryslav, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, is located on the banks of the Tysmenytsia River and stands out from the crowd due to its location on an oil and gas field. This makes it unique, as many mineral springs have been discovered in the city. Situated at the foot of the Carpathians, Boryslav offers its 33,000 residents picturesque views and a climate reminiscent of Caucasian resorts, making it one of the greenest places in Ukraine.

Boryslav not only has a rich history and unique natural resources, but also plays an important role in Ukrainian culture. This city became the prototype for the protagonist of Ivan Franko's novel Boryslav Laughs. It is also the birthplace of the famous Naftusia, a mineral water known for its healing properties. The cultural heritage of Boryslav is complemented by numerous architectural monuments, each of which contributes to the unique look of the city.

Earlier, we wrote that a hike in the mountains is always an interesting adventure, but also an exciting challenge. However, the Carpathians offer a variety of hikes that will suit both experienced tourists and beginner mountain travellers. Read here to find out how to organise a hike, when to go and where to find a tour.

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