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14 May. 2022


Lepta - an application of mutual aid during the war



Lepta - an application of mutual aid during the war

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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has launched a free application for mutual assistance during the war Lepta, where you can directly help or ask for help. The peculiarity of the application is that the application works so that it has no intermediaries, and those who need help, directly contact those who can provide such assistance. After rendering help, the person submits an accurate report on the support provided. In the development of modern technologies, such an application is relevant, very easy to use and allows you to quickly help people who need it and unite with other Ukrainians.

What are the Lepta opportunities?

• create initiatives and requests to receive assistance;

• search for missing people;

• thanks to the cartographic service to see who and where needs help near you, and provide the necessary support;

• unite with other Ukrainians to help and support each other;

How does Lepta work?

1. Download the application on iOS or Android;

2. Sign up;

3. Create an initiative - indicate specifically who needs help and what kind of help is needed;

4. Indicate the exact address of who needs help;

5. After publication, this post will appear in the application feed and on the map;

6. Everyone who is ready to help can see what is needed, where and who is waiting for it;

7. After the performance, the person who helped, presents a report.

In addition, the application provides an opportunity to donate funds to support the Armed Forces and people affected by Russian aggression. Today, the Lepta app is in beta. The map of Ukraine already shows several requests for medicines, food, clothing and footwear for children and the elderly. In the future, the application team plans to actively develop it and add new convenient features.

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