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23 May. 2022


An animal care center opened at Warsaw railway station

For refugees


An animal care center opened at Warsaw railway station

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The Stasja Zoo refugee assistance point has opened at Warsaw Central Railway Station. The point is open daily from 8 am to midnight. Dogs, cats, lizards, parrots and other animals can receive help there.

Volunteers offer pets food and water on platforms and waiting rooms, provide carry-ons, leashes, collars, muzzles, give an opportunity to use a tray or walk the dog. You can even ask to change a bedding or wash the animal. If necessary, volunteers will help in finding temporary housing for the animal. 

Stasja Zoo also provides advice to owners on the necessary documents for the animal, veterinary care in Warsaw, informs about the transportation of animals by rail or plane.

The initiative is charitable and needs volunteers or financial support. Aid with food or other things can be brought to the station or sent to the address specified by volunteers in private messages.