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26 May. 2022


Quarantine restrictions in Ukraine: did the war really overcome the covid



Quarantine restrictions in Ukraine: did the war really overcome the covid

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On February 24, 2022, Ukrainians and foreigners who were in Ukraine at the time realized that the "inconveniences" brought to our lives in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic were nothing compared to the horrors of war.

Despite the martial law in Ukraine, several million people have left the country, and some health care facilities have had to restructure, the coronavirus has not disappeared.

According to the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Igor Kuzin, there are currently about 1,500 patients diagnosed with coronavirus disease in hospitals. But these are hospitals that are located in relatively safe regions. Over the past two weeks, hospitalizations have decreased by almost 5%, and Ukraine has everything it needs to treat patients with COVID-19.

Are there any covid restrictions in Ukraine today?

1. Levels of epidemic danger - "green", "yellow", "orange" and "red", which are inherent in adaptive quarantine, are not applied during martial law.

2. COVID-certificates are not required when visiting accommodation, catering, cultural institutions, public events or public transport.

3. The availability of COVID documents for travel between regions has been abolished.

4. Mask mode throughout the country is recommended.

The only advice from the Ministry of Health at the moment is to avoid large crowds and still wear a mask.

In practice, neither COVID documents nor masks are really required in any store or transport in the country.

Rules of entry into Ukraine

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1236 of December 2020 (as amended) applies and regulates the rules of crossing the state border to enter Ukraine today.

Citizens of Ukraine and holders of permanent residence permits have the right to free entry without the provision of certificates or quarantine (it seems they have forgotten what it is).

Citizens of other countries and holders of temporary residence permits are still required to provide an insurance policy covering coronavirus treatment, as well as one of the documents - a certificate of vaccination or recovery, or a negative test.

How to safely visit and travel in Ukraine, read here.

We wish you health. Everything will be Ukraine!