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How to send a parcel from abroad? Postal services in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic and Moldova

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How to send a parcel from abroad? Postal services in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic and Moldova

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Poczta Polska is a state postal service, similar to the domestic Ukrposhta. Since the beginning of April, a campaign of free shipment of packages up to 20 kg (EMS) to Ukraine has been introduced, if the content is indicated as "Humanitarian cargo" and the cost is within 100 euros (1 per person). Contacts, cost of other services:

Meest - international delivery service (parcels, money transfers, etc.). Website (in Ukrainian): Delivery to Meest points in Ukraine or to Nova Poshta branches, anywhere in the world, in general.

InPost is one of the most widespread networks of post points and non-state post offices in Poland (website


The country's largest postal service is Deutsche Post ( - its shareholder is the state, working on international shipments with DHL. Website with all conditions and contacts: All others, such as Postcon, Citipost or Pin Mail, focuse mostly on correspondence, not parcels. However, you can always do the latter with Deutsche Post DHL. By the way, as for the shipments to Ukraine, although they deny responsibility and do not provide insurance, they will do everything to ensure that the parcel is delivered, and if this fails, they promise to return it.

Regarding the use of services of the German Meest "daughter" -


In this country, our native Nova Poshta has opened branches in Chisinau, Balti, Orhei, Kaushany, Comrat, Cahul, Falesti, Floresti and Odintsy (list of branches - Together with NGOs in Moldova, it also deals with centralized humanitarian aid (to its reception centers in Ukraine) free of charge, and works with private parcels / letters.

Post of Moldova ( is the state postal service with an option of various international and local deliveries.

Another very popular company in the country is UniPost express ( The geography of delivery on the site is not specified. But BestPost ( honestly informs that European countries and Ukraine are still under development, but if you need to send something inside Moldova or to Israel or Canada, they will help you there.


Magyar Posta ( is the state postal service, for Ukrainians parcels to the homeland are free. There are no analogues specific to this country, but there are centers of all the giants of the industry listed below.


Poşta Română is the national postal service ( As with all state operators, they cooperate with Ukrposhta under the "to the border" scheme. You can also use the following transnational market participants.

Czech Republic

Česká pošta ( - the country's national postal operator, has announced free of charge parcels for Ukrainian refugees to Ukrainian recipients since March 1. In general, all the details about this type of service can be found here (

In general, in the above countries, it is worth mentioning a few more giant postal market players, which are present either in person or through partner companies at the same rates (for convenience, the links below).

For example, FedEx is a global global mail service, especially popular when you need to send something to another country or even to another continent. Official site for clients - with contacts and conditions. The services are very convenient to use: register an account and get access to shipments.

The same goes for UPS (website:, DPD ( and DHL (, but the latter four carriers can now ship from the place of residence to many countries of the world, except Ukraine, because of the war (check the sites for lists of locations with which the partnership is valid).

And, finally, let's mention the Ukrainian service UkraineExpress, which works specifically with the delivery of parcels from some countries to Ukraine (USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Portugal). For example, if you are currently in the Republic of Poland, detailed instructions on the process are set out here ( Accordingly, for Germany - here

There is no separate section on the company's website for the Czech Republic, but there is evidence a year ago that after standard registration on the website and the classic design of the parcel (see recommendations for the two countries above) you can bring the parcel to the Prague office of Vodňanská 1419, Praha 198 00, Art. metro Rajská zahrada. The latest information needs clarification.

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