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16 Jun. 2022


Holiday season 2022: where do Ukrainians go on vacation



Holiday season 2022: where do Ukrainians go on vacation

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Usually, the holiday season in Ukraine starts in May, but this year holidays are in danger due to the war. The State Agency for Tourism Development is already noticing a decline in the tourism industry. And this, as the leader Maryana Oleskiv notes, is just the beginning, because the season is just starting. In general, says Oleskiv, there is no ban on traveling in Ukraine, including for tourism. However, everyone must take into account the security factor.

As for the maritime direction in Ukraine, there are many resorts either under occupation or in the immediate vicinity of the war zone. This applies to Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, and Mykolayiv regions. The holiday season was not officially opened in the Odesa region either. However, coastal food establishments, swimming pools, etc. have started to function in Odesa and the region. Therefore, the Regional Military Administration clarified the conditions under which institutions providing recreation and health services can operate. In particular, visiting the beaches is still prohibited, but coastal complexes with swimming pools are allowed to work. But despite the danger, people still go to the beach and swim in the sea. However, law enforcement officers call for compliance with the ban. Thus, on June 11 a man hit a sea mine in the Odessa region.

As for the situation in the western regions of Ukraine, there are many migrants, but few tourists. Some hotels and hostels from the beginning of the war housed those who were forced to flee. They are waiting for vacationers this year in the Volyn region, where the season on the Shatsk Lakes has begun, but they do not expect a large influx of tourists. According to the director of the Center for Tourism Development Volodymyr Tsaruk, people do not go on vacation, in particular, due to a lack of money.

"During the war in the country tourism is not a priority, its activities are reduced to very low rates. For example, sanatoriums in Truskavets or Skhidnytsia are currently either completely closed or minimally filled,” Volodymyr Tsaruk said.

But, Tsaruk adds, there is a demand for children's health, which is currently possible in relatively safe regions and with special measures.

Recently, there has been a demand among Ukrainians for tours abroad, - says the president of the Ukrainian Association of Travel Agencies Anton Rudych. Some travel agencies are gradually resuming their work and adapting to the realities of the war. From Ukraine people are travelling by buses, there is also an opportunity to fly from neighboring countries. 

"Of course, traveling is not very convenient, but the possibility exists. People are visiting, as usual, beach countries: Turkey, Egypt. The directions have hardly changed, but the place from where you have to depart has changed. People leave Ukraine for Poland and Chisinau, these are the two most popular destinations, ”said Anton Rudych.

Holidays in the city or near it remain for most Ukrainians a likely and comfortable option. Although many areas have a total or partial ban on visiting forests, many places prohibit or discourage walking on beaches not only at sea but also on freshwater coasts. Such decisions are made by local military-civil administrations. One-day excursions for a weekend remain relevant. In particular, both locals and immigrants go on city tours in Kyiv.