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17 Jun. 2022


How to exchange a Ukrainian driver's license in Turkey?

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How to exchange a Ukrainian driver's license in Turkey?

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According to Turkish law, if a foreigner stays in the country for up to 6 months, he can drive without hindrance without changing his Ukrainian license of international standard. If your trip is longer, or you plan to live in Turkey, you need to go through the procedure of exchanging the certificate.

It should be noted that this process is not fast, on average 1-2 months, so you should prepare in advance.

How to exchange a driver's license?

To replace a driver's license you need:

1. Contact Nüfus Müdürlüğü (Office of Public Affairs) in the city where you live.

2. Arrive at the appointed time with a passport, residence permit, and Ukrainian driver's license. It is necessary to fill in the application and pay the duty. The employee will scan the documents and send a request to Ukraine to verify the validity of the certificate.

3. Next you need to wait until the answer comes from Ukraine.

After receiving a positive answer, the driver re-applies to the department with the prepared package of documents:

• original driver's license and notarized copy;

• medical certificate (ophthalmologist);

• blood type certificate;

• foreign passport (original and copy);

• residence permit (original and copy);

• a copy of the residence permit in Turkey;

• 2 biometric photos (on a white background, 5x6 cm);

• diploma or school certificate and its notarized copy.

Citizens who have a residence permit in Turkey will receive a 10-year certificate, which will arrive in the mail within a few days.

Taking into account all costs together with the payment of state duty, the total cost will be approximately 1,600 liras ($ 120).

When you receive a Turkish driver's license, the Ukrainian one will be taken away and sent to Ukraine. Upon return, you will need to go through the renewal procedure.

Getting a driver's license from scratch

Ukrainians who do not have a driver's license also have the opportunity to obtain one in Turkey. To do this, you must study at a driving school and pass an exam - theory, and driving.

The theory includes first aid, traffic rules, car design, and psychological behavior of the driver. Students are provided with material - books, and lectures. Exam questions change every year. In order to pass the theory you need to score 70 points, ie give 35 correct answers to 50 questions. For those who do not speak Turkish well, it is possible to contact an interpreter who will be with you during the exam.

To enter the driving school you need to prepare a package of documents:

• medical certificate (ophthalmologist);

• diploma or school certificate and its notarized copy;

• passport and its notarized translation;

• photo 3 pieces (biometric);

• residence permit:

• residence in Turkey.

Turkish driver's license is usually obtained the day after the application of graduation from the driving school is submitted to Nüfus Müdürlüğü. Admission to Nüfus is by appointment.