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18 Jun. 2022


How will IDP cash benefits be paid in June?



How will IDP cash benefits be paid in June?

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The Government of Ukraine will continue to provide social assistance to citizens who have been forced to leave their place of residence due to the full-scale war, but with some changes. Payments will be given to certain categories of internally displaced persons (IDPs), not all citizens, as was the case in March and April.

What kind of assistance do IDPs receive?

Persons registered as IDPs receive a monthly payment from the state in the amount of UAH 3,000 for each child or person with a disability and UAH 2,000 for every other person over the age of 18.

What is changing?

In May the government abolished payments to citizens who had already returned home (to their place of residence) and whose homes had not been destroyed during the war.

In June, the following categories of citizens will continue to receive monthly assistance from the state:

• Citizens who have moved from areas of active hostilities or from regions and settlements under occupation or encirclement.

• Citizens whose homes have been destroyed or unfit for habitation as a result of hostilities and who have applied for property compensation (in particular, through Diia).

Current list of territories on the basis of which IDPs will receive payments

As of June 7, 2022, there are 8 oblasts in the updated list of territorial communities located in the areas of military (combat) operations, or which are under temporary occupation or encirclement, namely:

- Dnipropetrovsk oblast (7 communities)

- Donetsk (66 communities)

- Zaporizhzhia (55 communities)

- Luhansk (37 communities)

- Mykolaiv (24 communities)

- Kharkiv (51 communities)

- Kherson (49 communities)

- Sumy (14 communities)

All IDPs who have moved from these communities will receive monthly financial assistance from the state. The list is not a fixed document - it is regularly updated by the Ministry of Reintegration together with the Ministry of Defense and military administrations.

How are funds accrued?

The funds are accrued by the Oshchadbank to the bank accounts specified by the recipients in the applications for assistance.

Payments are not subject to personal income tax and are not taken into account when calculating the total household income for other types of social assistance.

You can follow up-to-date information about communities in areas of hostilities or under temporary occupation, from where IDPs are entitled to financial assistance, on a special online map.