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27 Jun. 2022


Deported Ukrainians will be able to return to Ukraine without documents



Deported Ukrainians will be able to return to Ukraine without documents

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Ukrainians deported to russia will be able to return to Ukraine even without a passport or other documents. Iryna Vereshchuk, Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, announced this on the air of all-Ukrainian news.

Every deported Ukrainian who crosses the border will be allowed to pass without a passport - the authorities already have a corresponding agreement with the border guards. According to Vereshchuk, Ukrainians will also be helped to quickly restore documents.

The Vice Prime Minister reported sad statistics: 1,200,000 Ukrainians were deported to russia during the full-scale war. Three-quarters escape from the camps, but they go to Latvia and Estonia, only to return to Ukraine later. Therefore, transport corridors are being developed for transfer from these countries.

“We are now developing routes along which free shuttle buses will run, which will help Ukrainians without money. In fact, without passports, because they don’t exist, they are simply taken away in these filtration camps,” the official said.

Russia is creating filtration camps for Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories in order to identify patriots, volunteers, and veterans of the war in Donbas. In the camps, Ukrainians are deprived of documents and telephones.

Earlier, we reported what to do in case of deportation to the russian territory. Let us remind that no volunteer escape from the hostilities to russia is considered a crime according to the Ukrainian legislation.