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15 Jul. 2022


Travel by trains in Spain will be free


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Travel by trains in Spain will be free

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From September 1, travel in the trains of the Spanish state company Renfe will be free, CNN reports. The government's decision was a reaction to the energy crisis in Europe.

Free travel applies only to multiple trips on short and medium distances (suburban connections). The pass must include at least 10 multiple trips. The offer does not include single tickets and long-distance tickets.

100% discount on tickets will be valid until the end of the current year.

According to a statement from the Spanish Ministry of Transport, this measure will encourage Spaniards and tourists to make the most of public transport, ensuring that travel is safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly in the face of rising fuel and energy prices.

Spain is not the only European country that has taken measures to reduce the cost of public transport.

Last month, Germany launched a €9 unlimited monthly public transport pass that can be used on local and regional transport across the country. The offer should be valid until the end of August.