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01 Aug. 2022


Ukrainian students can get the first Franco-Ukrainian diploma in history

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Ukrainian students can get the first Franco-Ukrainian diploma in history

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Ukrainian students who are in Ukraine or in any of the countries of Europe can get a French-Ukrainian diploma in International Management and Trade at the French School of Management.

Third-year students, regardless of their specialty, with a minimum level of French language proficiency, can apply to study at the IAE Metz School of Management. The start of training is scheduled for October 2022. The program provides for 250 hours of study and 250 hours of French lessons for foreigners, as well as an internship lasting from 3 to 6 months.

Disciplines will cover:

- international management,

- international marketing,

- financial management,

- intercultural management,

- professionalization seminars,

- company internship,

the like.

In the absence of the necessary documents, it is possible to conduct an interview with the head of the educational process, if there is equivalent professional experience. The candidate must also submit a professional project that meets the learning objectives.

The curriculum is aimed at training specialists in the field of management and project management in a multicultural environment. Upon request, graduates will be able to continue their studies with a master's degree in the following specialties: innovation management, finance, marketing, and sales.

More information about the training program can be found at the link.

For more information write to [email protected]