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22 Aug. 2022


Ireland gives Ukrainian refugees free education in courses and scholarships

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For refugees

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Ireland gives Ukrainian refugees free education in courses and scholarships

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At a meeting on August 17, the Government of Ireland approved a new program of assistance to Ukrainian refugees - free training in courses and the payment of a scholarship.

In the 2022/2023 academic year, Ukrainians living in Ireland who have received refugee status can participate in the program. The Minister of Education, Professional Skills, Innovation and Scientific Research of Ireland, Simon Harris, said that currently there are 45,000 Ukrainians living in Ireland, all of them are trying to take an active part in the life of the country, so the government decided to give them the opportunity to get an education and further work.

Under the Post Leaving Certificate Courses program, anyone can access certification courses. Training is conducted in various disciplines: agriculture, forestry, fishing, veterinary education, and others. From September, the courses will be free for refugees. A scholarship is also provided for students. Its total amount is 6,115 euros, this money will be paid over the course of a year, on a monthly basis.

So earlier, the government of Ireland blabbed that the system of illuminating the country could accept 41,000 refugee students from Ukraine. Nearly 25,000 months for Ukrainian children were seen in the schools of the country.