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25 Aug. 2022


How Ukrainians who sheltered IDPs can get help from the Red Cross

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How Ukrainians who sheltered IDPs can get help from the Red Cross

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Ukrainians who provided housing to IDPs (Temporarily Displaced Persons) can get financial assistance from the Red Cross through PrivatBank.

The money can get those owners of housing, which accommodates internally displaced persons free of charge (IDP status must be confirmed by a document). The amount of compensation: 14,77 UAH per person per day and 450 UAH per person per month.

How to get help?

• Register your accommodation on the site "Pryhystok";  

• To apply to the local authorities not later than the next day after registration. In the application, specify the name and patronymic of each person accommodated and add copies of identification documents;

• If the number of IDPs to whom you provide housing changes or people leave - you need to submit an application with up-to-date information on the same day.

Within 5 days, the local authorities can check the number of IDPs and their data, as well as whether they live free of charge. If you correctly submit accurate data, financial assistance will be transferred to your bank account through the PrivatMoney payment system.