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28 Aug. 2022


The most affordable European cities for students in 2022

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The most affordable European cities for students in 2022

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For each of the students, studying abroad is not only a dream, but also a great opportunity to meet new people, practice speaking another language, live in new conditions and, of course, see the sights. Before choosing a city for travel, it is necessary to make a budget that corresponds to our capabilities.

We compare prices for the main expenses that students need to consider: accommodation, transport and food in 15 European cities.


The first thing to consider is the accommodation budget. Renting a room in a shared apartment is the most appropriate option for students, as it will also allow you to get to know different customs and lifestyles.

The cheapest cities to live in today are:

    • Budapest, where a room in a shared apartment costs 249 euros on average,
    • Prague (313 euros),
    • Porto (259 euros),
    • Warsaw (293 euros),
    • Lisbon (306 euros).

The most expensive cities for renting a room are Amsterdam (€522), Munich (€642), Milan (€584), Paris (€607) and London (€680). In the middle range are Barcelona (€405), Madrid (€428), Berlin (€463), Rome (€475) and Brussels (€503).

Expenditure on food products

Another expense to consider is food. It is recommended to shop at local markets and supermarkets. Choosing fresh foods over processed foods will not only help students lead a healthier lifestyle, but also allow them to better control their budgets.

The cities with the cheapest grocery baskets are:

    • Prague – 80 euros per month
    • Budapest – 100 euros,
    • Porto and Warsaw – 120 euros.
    • Lisbon and Berlin account for 160 euros per month.
    • They are followed by Madrid and Barcelona with an average of 200 euros,
    • Paris from 280 euros per month.

Students choosing the cities of Amsterdam, Milan, Rome and Brussels should expect a budget of €300 per month, while those studying in London will need to spend at least €340 per month.


The ideal option is to choose housing near the educational center, but it is not always possible to find housing near the university. Each student should think about a budget that will allow him to move around the city. Various public transport systems offer student travel tickets and discount cards.

The cheapest cities for moving are:

    • Brussels,
    • Prague,
    • Munich,
    • Budapest,
    • Warsaw, where the average fare does not exceed 12 euros per month.
    • They are followed by Milan (22 euros),
    • Paris (28 euros),
    • Porto (30 euros),
    • Madrid (30 euros),
    • Rome (32 euros),
    • Berlin (833 euros),
    • Lisbon (36 euros),
    • Barcelona (35 euros),
    • Amsterdam (46 euros),

The most expensive city is London, where a ticket costs 104 euros.

After analyzing these basic expenses, the only cities where you can live on a budget of 500 euros per month are Budapest, Prague, Porto, Warsaw and Lisbon.

Medical insurance

Before traveling to any country in Europe, you should purchase travel health insurance to cover medical bills in case of unexpected injuries or illnesses during your trip. Visit Ukraine offers medical and travel insurance that covers absolutely all countries of the world.

We wish you a good trip!