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30 Aug. 2022


In Ukraine was developed a guide on payments to victims of war

For refugees


In Ukraine was developed a guide on payments to victims of war

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A directory has appeared in Ukraine with all the information about payments to people who lost their relatives or suffered as a result of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. The directory contains useful information for various categories of citizens who suffered as a result of Russians military aggression.

What categories are we talking about?

The following people will be able to find useful information for themselves:

    •  Participants of ATO and OOS who suffered during these events and martial law;

    •  Military;

    •  Police officers and employees of the State Emergency Service;

    •  Industrial workers who were injured during the war;

    •  Volunteers;

    •  Journalists;

    •  Children injured as a result of hostilities;

    •  Employees;

    •  Doctors;

    •  Civilians and employees.

Here you can find out where to apply for financial assistance and what documents to submit. The directory also contains links to relevant legislative acts. Information will be updated in case of changes in legislation. The guide is available at the link.