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01 Sep. 2022


Five new functions have been launched in the "Diia" application



Five new functions have been launched in the "Diia" application

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The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov on Wednesday, August 31, announced five new services that will soon appear in the "Diia" application.

Some of them are already available in the application — to use them, it must be updated.

New functions Diia

Electronic pension certificate

Holders of a pension card will be able to use it to receive government services online, show it at a pharmacy or on public transport.

Electronic residence permit

Temporary or permanent residence permits will be displayed in "Diia" only in the form of a plastic card with a contactless carrier. They began to be issued after April 2018.

In order for them to appear in the application, it is necessary to have an individual tax number (RNOKPP).

Documents will not be automatically added, they must be added manually. To do this, you need to make a request through the application, read the card and confirm your identity.

Car sharing

The car sharing service was launched back in February, before the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. However, the registers were "unlocked" for security reasons. Now the service is returned to "Diia".

"For example, you take your wife's car. But the vehicle registration certificate is left at home. You apply for car sharing in Diia. Your wife does the same - and the vehicle registration certificate will appear in your application," Fedorov stressed.

In addition, the ability to pay fines from the patrol police returns to the "Diia" functions. Since February, this function has been suspended, but now citizens can once again immediately pay a fine in a few clicks if there is a traffic violation.

English-language documents

Ukrainian documents were translated into English as part of the international integration of "Diіa". The Ministry of Digital has agreed on the translation of several documents: a foreign passport, vehicle registration certificate and a driver's license.

LLC registration

It will now be possible to register an LLC online in a few minutes, without the presence of the state registrar in the process. Such an innovation will save time and prevent cases of corruption.

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, it will also be possible to buy military bonds, apply for a mortgage and obtain permission to take a child abroad in "Diia".