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02 Sep. 2022


In the Diia application, you can now get a certificate of income. How to do it?



In the Diia application, you can now get a certificate of income. How to do it?

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The new service was offered in May during Diia Summit 2.0. The Ministry of Science and Technologies of Ukraine implements innovations with support of EGAP program and now every Ukrainian can easily and quickly get a certificate of income.

Free service is already activated in state service "Diia". To receive the certificate, it is necessary to submit an online application. The turnaround time is from 1 minute to 30 minutes. As "Diia" itself points out, there are no queues and no unnecessary bureaucracy.

The income certificate contains the amount of a citizen's income for a specified period.

How to get a certificate of income in application:

1. Register or authorize in personal cabinet or on website of "Diia" - use electronic signature or BankID.

2. To indicate the period for which the certificate is submitted.

3. Submit the request.

4. As soon as the certificate is executed, you will receive a notification of readiness by e-mail. The document will also be available in the citizen's cabinet on the "Diia" portal.

To download the certificate of income, go to the "Documents" section in the application.

It takes up to 30 minutes to process personal information, after which you will receive a message about issuing the certificate online.

When you may need an income certificate:

    • Obtaining a visa to justify your earnings and travel abroad to a specific state;

    • Obtaining subsidies;

    • Applying for a loan. Banks ask for the certificate to verify information about the client's income, based on which a decision is made on the granting of a loan;

    • In cases where it is necessary to calculate the amount of income in favor of individuals and the amount of tax withheld from them, form No. 1DF;

    • Drawing up a tax return of the taxpayer;

    • When you need the right to property status and income.

According to the service, the State Register updates information at the beginning of each quarter, so the information in the income certificate may be subject to change.