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03 Sep. 2022


The nearest airports to Ukraine: how is it more convenient to return home or go abroad

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The nearest airports to Ukraine: how is it more convenient to return home or go abroad

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Due to the martial law in Ukraine, all airports were closed. This decision became a necessary security measure, which significantly reduced the mobility of Ukrainians returning home or going abroad.

Those wishing to travel by air can use the services of airports and airlines operating in countries neighboring Ukraine. We prepared information about the most popular terminals among Ukrainians, located as close as possible to the Ukrainian border.


Airports in Rzeszów and Lublin neighbour upon the Ukrainian state border.

The airfield in Rzeszów is located within 100 km from the checkpoints Krakowiec or Szegyny. This airport has connections with Warsaw, Bristol, Dublin, London, Oslo, Burgas or Eindhoven. There you can use the services of LOT, Wizz Air or Ryanair airlines.

Lublin airport is located within 90 km from the Jagodyn crossing point. In Ukraine, the closest to the air terminal is Volyn region. Lowcost airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air fly to and from Lublin. They offer the following directions:

Ryanair: Dublin, London, Gdansk.

Wizz Air: Oslo, London, Burgas, Split, Eindhoven.


The nearest airport to Ukraine, specifically to Zakarpattia region, is the airport in the city of Koshchyce.
Three airlines offer their services to those willing to travel by air:

• Lufthansa Group – Austrian Airlines operates direct flights to Vienna, from where you can travel further.

• With Ryanair it is possible to fly to or from Vienna, Prague, London, Dublin and Liverpool.

• Wizz Air operates flights to and from London.


Ukrainians can use the airport in Debrecen, which is located 120 km from Chop.
Lufthansa flies from Debrecen directly to Munich. In Germany, you can make a transfer and travel further.

Wizz Air offers flights to London, Brussels, Paris, Eindhoven, Corfu, Tel Aviv, Burgas and Larnaca.


Suceava airport is located just 40 km from the Porubne crossing point. Both the local Romanian airline TAROM and the European low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air fly to Suceava.

The list of destinations is wide: Brussels, Venice, Dublin, Manchester, Larnaca, Paris, Dortmund and other cities.


Chisinau Airport is the closest to Odesa region and located near the capital of Moldova, so it has an extensive network of destinations. You can fly with four network airlines: Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, Austrian Airlines to Vienna, LOT to Warsaw, TAROM to Bucharest. In these European capitals, it is possible to make a transfer and reach other countries of the world.

Wizz Air offers its services among low-cost airlines. You can choose the desired destination from a number of European countries, including flying to Prague, Berlin, Venice, Barcelona, ​​Larnaca and other cities.

Local Moldovian airlines are also based at this airport. Air Moldova and Flyone fly to London, Tel Aviv, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Amsterdam and other European cities.

We remind you! The airspace of Ukraine will be closed until the end of martial law.

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