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Financial assistance from the UN in Bulgaria. How to get?

For refugees


Financial assistance from the UN in Bulgaria. How to get?

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The UN pays out monetary aid to Ukrainians who have found temporary shelter in Bulgaria.

Only persons with temporary protection status who meet certain criteria can receive a one-time cash payment from the UNHCR.

Requirements for aid recipients

Financial support can be received by families which:

1. Fit under the vulnerable category. This status is determined by the presence of:

• Family members with disabilities or serious health conditions (inability to take care of themselves);

• Children in the risk group (a child who has own kids, under-aged married person, teenage pregnancy, child involved in child labor);

• Elderly people from the risk group (a single person over the age of 60 who is the sole caretaker of a child);

• A pregnant woman or a woman who’s nursing a baby;

• Single father or mother with more than three children;

• A person who has survived torture, human trafficking, or psychological trauma;

• LGBT person who faces certain protection risks.

2. Have limited financial resources or lack of income;

3. Will become less vulnerable after receiving a financial payment.

How to apply?

Employees of UNHCR partnering organizations (BCH, BHK, RZHB, PHAR) or international organizations (UNICEF, IOM) will apply for payment. They will assess your family's level of vulnerability and fill out a questionnaire.

You must leave your correct phone number (Ukrainian or Bulgarian) to receive an invitation to an interview.

Steps to get paid

1. Contact the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), employees of partner organizations or other international organizations. You will receive a referral to the Cash Assistance for Protection program.

2. You will receive confirmation of your form receiving from the Bulgarian Red Cross.

3. UNHCR will check compliance.

4. Ineligible families will be notified by the Bulgarian Red Cross.

5. Selected families will receive an invitation to the interview. All family members must be present during the interview. UNHCR decides whether the family will receive a payment and its amount.

6. If the family has passed the selection, the contact person will receive an SMS with a code to receive money at the Western Union office.

Points where you can get help

Contact a UNHCR partner organization. In the first stage of the program, interviews for vulnerability testing will be held only in Sofia, Varna, and Burgas.

• Sofia. Information and Integration Center of BCH, blvd. Evlogi and Christ George 165;

• Varna. Bulgarian Red Cross / "Blue Point", str. "Brothers Shkorpil" 3;

• Burgas. Bulgarian Red Cross, g.k. Revival c. 7.