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17 Feb. 2022


Austria to open entry for foreigners with negative PCR test


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Austria to open entry for foreigners with negative PCR test

Austrian Minister of Health Wolfgang Mückstein said that a negative test result for coronavirus will be enough to enter Austria starting February 22, 2022. When entering Austria, you will need to provide proof of vaccination, recovery or testing. An exception will be applied only for countries where coronavirus variants are spread — Ukraine is not one of them.

From the same date, almost all restrictions that were introduced due to the coronavirus will be canceled. Inside the country, the so-called "green passport" will be canceled — a document stating that a person has been vaccinated or has been ill with a coronavirus.

Recall that since February 5, a law on mandatory vaccination against coronavirus has been in force in Austria. But on February 13, the head of the Austrian government, Karl Nehammer, said that the law could be suspended.

As Norway and Switzerland completely abolishing the need to provide covid certificates or fill out registration forms to cross their borders, travel without restrictions is becoming a reality.

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