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07 Oct. 2022


Queues in hospitals: New rules for visits to the doctor in Poland

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Queues in hospitals: New rules for visits to the doctor in Poland

Reliable health insurance for Ukrainians with guaranteed payments
Reliable health insurance for Ukrainians with guaranteed payments

In the medical system of primary and secondary care in Poland, a number of changes were introduced from October 1. They should help reduce electronic queues for specialist doctors. The innovations of the Ministry of Health of Poland concern examinations in the field of cardiology, diabetology, pulmonary diseases, endocrinology, etc.

What has changed?

Now, instead of specialist doctors, patients will go to a family doctor. Recently, the Ministry of Health expanded the list of examinations for which referrals can be made by family doctors. This will help to reduce queues at specialist doctors, as patients will not need to reserve a place in order to receive a referral from them for an examination.

A list of examinations for which it will be possible to receive a referral to a family doctor from October 1, 2022, has appeared:

• NT-pro-BNP (early diagnosis of heart failure);

• Albuminuria (concentration of albumin in urine);

• UACR (urine albumin/creatinine ratio);

• Anti-TPO (antibodies against thyroid peroxidase);

• Anti-TSHR (antibodies against TSH receptors);

• AntiTG (antithyroglobulin antibodies);

• Electrophysiological studies;

• ECG with load (ECG with load);

• Holter ECG for 24, 48 and 72 hours (24-48-72-hour ECG recording);

• RR registrar (24-hour JSC registration);

• Ultrasound studies; Doppler ultrasound of the carotid arteries;

• Doppler imaging of the vessels of the lower extremities;

• ECHO transthoracic heart;

• Spirometry;

• Spirometry with diastolic test;

• Fine-needle puncture biopsy of the thyroid gland in adults.

The changes will also apply to consultations with specialist doctors.

Now you can contact your family doctor with the results of the examination. He has the right to call a specialist doctor himself for consultation, and after that to prescribe further treatment. This will additionally reduce the burden on specialists and queues for them.

500 zlotys for medicine for Ukrainian refugees. How to get?

7,000 Ukrainians will be able to receive electronic codes for the purchase of medical drugs in all pharmacies in Poland. They will be distributed to persons who have not yet participated in the identical Health4Ukraine program.

The corresponding support program will allow distribution of almost 7 thousand electronic codes. For each one, you can buy 500 zlotys worth of goods in all pharmacies in Poland. The codes are to be used this year. They will reach people who have not previously participated in the program.

In addition to medicines, they can be used to buy hygiene products for children or modified milk.