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Is there a ban on travel to Ukraine for foreigners in 2024?

For foreigners in UA
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Is there a ban on travel to Ukraine for foreigners in 2024?

Foreign tourists can travel to Ukraine. However, due to the martial law, citizens of other countries need to prepare a package of documents and comply with migration laws. Learn more about the current rules of entry to Ukraine for foreigners in 2024 and prohibitions

Apply for an insurance policy covering military risks for entry and stay in Ukraine
Apply for an insurance policy covering military risks for entry and stay in Ukraine

For almost 2 years, martial law has been in effect on the territory of Ukraine, which was introduced in connection with the full-scale russian invasion on February 24, 2022. Of course, this special regime has certain limitations, which is why most foreign tourists have a question - is it possible to travel to Ukraine now? Let's talk further.

Is there a ban on entering Ukraine during the war?

Despite the full-scale war, Ukraine's borders are open to visitors. Foreigners enter the country for various purposes - volunteering, work, vacation, visiting relatives. According to official information provided by the State Border Service at the request of Visit Ukraine, more than 2.4 million foreign citizens entered Ukraine in 2023.

Therefore, there is no ban on entering Ukraine during the war, the main thing is to prepare the necessary package of documents and comply with migration legislation.

Rules of entry into Ukraine for foreigners in 2024

Crossing the border of Ukraine is carried out on the basis of a foreign passport. The ID card entitles only citizens of Turkey and Georgia to enter.

Visa requirements in Ukraine depend on the citizenship of a foreigner: a visa-free regime has been established with certain countries in Ukraine, citizens of the rest of the countries must obtain a visa for entry before traveling. You can check whether you need a visa to enter Ukraine on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

● List of documents for visa-free travel to Ukraine

1. Health insurance policy.

2. Confirmation of the purpose of the trip: a notarized invitation from citizens of Ukraine (relatives, acquaintances, friends), travel vouchers, confirmation of accommodation reservations, invitations from companies or organizations, tickets to seminars, exhibitions, fairs, documents about treatment in medical facilities, etc.

3. Confirmation of financial support (cash, bank statement, check from an ATM, etc.) - proof that you have sufficient funds for the entire period of your planned stay in Ukraine or transit to a third country ($45 per person for each day of your stay in Ukraine ).

4. Absence of a ban from the authorized body on entry into Ukraine.

Read about who can be refused entry to Ukraine in our article.

● Procedure for issuing a visa

If your country does not have a visa-free regime, an application for a Ukrainian visa must be submitted in the country of residence to one of the representative offices of Ukraine: an embassy, consulate or visa center. It is better to start the permit procedure at least 3 weeks before the planned trip.

Approximate list of documents for obtaining a visa to Ukraine: application form, international passport, valid for at least 3 months after entering Ukraine, two passport-size photos, medical insurance policy, confirmation of the purpose of the trip, availability of a place to live, financial support, return ticket, paid visa fee, other documents that will confirm the purpose of the trip.

● Citizens of 52 countries can also apply for an e-Visa to Ukraine - this is a short-term permit with a simplified procedure.

The rules for entering Ukraine for foreigners (except citizens of the russian federation) remain unchanged, so you can freely visit the country even during war.

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What to see in Ukraine?

Ukraine is an incredible country that impresses with its fantastic nature, rich culture, delicious cuisine and strong character. Despite the full-scale russian invasion, more and more tourists are interested in Ukraine and plan to spend their vacation here.

There are many unique places for recreation in Ukraine. By far the most popular among tourists is Kyiv - the invincible capital of Ukraine, because the city is one of the oldest capitals of Europe, which preserves more than 2,000 monuments of history and culture on its streets.

Lviv - the cultural center of Ukraine, the pearl of the sea - Odesa, as well as ChernivtsiKamianets-PodilskyiIvano-Frankivsk and other Ukrainian cities and towns attract the attention of travelers.

The natural pearl of Ukraine and its soul are the Carpathians - mighty and amazing mountains. Many lovers of active recreation dream of conquering Hoverla, the highest peak of Ukraine.

Tourists looking for relaxation and health are advised to visit the thermal resorts of Transcarpathia.

- The largest database of safe tours to Ukraine is collected on the Visit Ukraine website. Additionally, depending on your interests, we can help you plan an individual trip.

- Also, Visit Ukraine launched a special project - Donat tours to Ukraine - this is a way to touch Ukrainian culture, communicate with Ukrainians, immerse yourself in the life of a country at war and make a personal contribution not only to the support of the country, but also to the common Victory. Each participant of this project will have the opportunity to independently choose the format of the tour and the direction in which he wants to join, and accordingly, the area to which he wants to make a donation. Having come to Ukraine on a donation tour, a tourist can become a real volunteer for a few days and make a personal contribution to help Ukraine and Ukrainians.

- We offer support to the de-occupied regions of Ukraine to journalists, representatives of official delegations and diplomatic missions, as well as opinion leaders. Places that became known to the whole world after the russian army brought horror and pain there in 2022. You can learn personally about the atrocities of the russians during a trip to cities destroyed by war.

Ukraine is a courageous and indomitable state in the very center of Europe, which has everything to become a real tourist center: high mountains, a warm sea, spacious steppes, cozy villages, noisy metropolises, luxurious palaces, golden cathedrals, numerous sights, as well as delicious cuisine. and friendly population.

We invite you to become part of the common Victory!


Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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