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How to enter Ukraine in 2024: rules of entry, list of documents and who can be denied entry

Entry rules
Tourists in Ukraine
For foreigners in UA


How to enter Ukraine in 2024: rules of entry, list of documents and who can be denied entry

Ukraine always welcomes foreign visitors and its borders, despite the war, remain open for tourists. Find out more about how to come to Ukraine and what you need for this purpose

Take care of insurance for safe entry into Ukraine
Take care of insurance for safe entry into Ukraine

Ukraine has been living under martial law for almost two years now, but it is still open to tourists and other foreign citizens. We tell you how to get into the country, what documents you will need and what you need for safe travelling in Ukraine.

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine: the procedure and required documents.

D-14 spouse visa for entry to Ukraine: who can apply for it and how to do it?

How can a foreigner move to live in Ukraine? Find out here.

What responsibility can foreigners bear for violating the migration legislation of Ukraine? Details are available here.

How to apply for an extension of stay in Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons: instructions here.

Transfer to Ukraine: how to get there

For obvious reasons, the airspace over Ukraine remains closed. However, you can get to the country by train, bus and other convenient land routes. 

The most popular way to get to Ukraine among tourists is to fly to the nearest country to Ukraine, and from there - by any land route.

It is worth noting that on the Visit Ukraine portal you can conveniently and quickly purchase tickets for buses and trains

How to get to Ukraine from:

USA Canada Poland Germany Slovakia Hungary Italy France NetherlandsCzech RepublicLithuania SwitzerlandSweden Turkey Austria Denmark PortugalGeorgia Bulgaria IndiaGreeceCroatia Estonia Finland Latvia Belgium Slovenia Moldova Ireland Norway Spain russia ●  United Kingdom Romania Armenia Egypt

What documents are required to enter Ukraine?

Citizens of Ukraine can enter their home country by presenting any document confirming their identity. Meanwhile, foreigners must carry a number of documents:

- A passport. The document must be valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine. Citizens of Turkey and Georgia can enter Ukraine by providing only ID-cards.

- Visa. This document is required only if otherwise is not stipulated by law, or visa-free regime is not established with the country.

- Confirmation of the purpose of the trip (document confirming family ties, invitation from a citizen of Ukraine, invitation to participate in conferences or other events, booked tour, hotel reservation, etc.).

What documents are required for foreigners to stay in Ukraine during the war? Read here.

Entry ban to Ukraine: what are the reasons and how to appeal?

Visit Ukraine is an organiser of tours around Ukraine. 800 tours. Choose yours on the website.

- Confirmation of sufficient funds for the whole period of stay in Ukraine and for return to the country of origin;

- Insurance policy issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or by a foreign insurance company having a representative office in Ukraine or contractual relations (assistance). 

By the way, you can take out an insurance policy on the VU website. Foreigners can use an insurance policy that covers military risks, which is a very useful point when travelling to Ukraine.

Visa to Ukraine

Ukraine has a visa-free regime with many countries around the world, but there is no visa-free regime with certain countries. You can check whether you need a visa to enter Ukraine on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

We told you more about types of visas to Ukraine and how to get them here.

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Customs control in Ukraine

When crossing the border of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons must adhere to the established customs rules. If you plan to take anything from your home country to Ukraine, we initially advise you to familiarise yourself with the list of what goods are allowed to enter the country.

Does your plan include entering Ukraine with a foreign-registered private car? We recommend that you familiarise yourself in more detail with the rules of operation of such vehicles on Ukrainian territory. This will help you avoid fines and unforeseen problems. 

At the same time, it is important to remember that travelling around the country with your own car requires a "Green Card". This document will help you in case of possible car accidents. You can apply for a "Green Card" at the link.

Who can be refused entry to Ukraine?

Ukraine is currently open for foreign visitors, but the border service monitors the list of persons who are not allowed to visit the country. Such a list includes:

- persons who pose a national threat;

- those who travelled to Crimea after the occupation, the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, and other occupied territories;

- persons who committed violations while at the border crossing point;

- persons who tried to enter Ukraine using forged documents.

Also, people may not be allowed to enter Ukraine for other reasons. It is in this case it will be useful to seek quality legal assistance, which will help to deal with this issue.

Safety rules in Ukraine

Do not forget that Ukraine is under martial law, which provides for certain rules of conduct in special places, such as checkpoints. For more information about these rules, please follow the link.

Despite the fact that active hostilities are concentrated in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, there are no completely safe cities in Ukraine at the moment due to the threat of missile attacks from the russian federation.

That is why we strongly recommend that foreigners monitor their own safety and do not ignore the air raid alert.

To stay informed about threats from the air, we recommend installing the Air Alert app (from the App Store or Google Play) and be sure to check the map of the nearest shelters in the city of your stay. In case of an air raid alert, go to the nearest shelter immediately! Read more about how to behave in the event of an air raid to avoid endangering your life and health here.

Find out what the curfews will be in different regions of Ukraine in 2024 in this article

Why do foreigners invest in Ukraine and what are the amounts involved? Find out here.

Admission to Ukrainian universities during the war: useful tips for international students in 2024.

We remind you! The rules for crossing the border of Ukraine are one of the most pressing issues in wartime. However, it becomes even more relevant when it comes to children crossing the border. We will tell you what rules minors need to follow to return to Ukraine in this article.


Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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