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How to avoid risks and make traveling to Ukraine as safe as possible?

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How to avoid risks and make traveling to Ukraine as safe as possible?

Embassies have returned to Ukraine, foreign students continue to study at Ukrainian universities, and tourists from all over the world travel to the country to see its beauty with their own eyes and help. However, despite all this, the war in Ukraine is still ongoing, and therefore there are still risks. Here's how to avoid them and make your trip as safe as possible

Take care of insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine
Take care of insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine

By the 8th month of the war in Ukraine, more than 40 embassies from around the world have returned to Kyiv. In 2023, more than 2.4 million foreigners visited the country. At the same time, more than half a million foreign citizens live in Ukraine on a permanent basis, and the country continues to issue residence permits. However, despite all this, the war continues, so traveling and living in Ukraine involves a number of risks. How to avoid them and make your visit to the country as safe as possible is described below.

Situation in the regions: where is it dangerous to travel?

The fighting is concentrated in the east and south of Ukraine, in the regions bordering russia and the temporarily occupied Crimea. However, there is no completely safe region in Ukraine at the moment, as the threat of rocket attacks remains in every region. The degree of the threat varies, some regions are hit quite often, while other regions have not heard explosions for several months. 

Read more about the situation in different regions of Ukraine, as well as about the cities recommended for travel, in this article.

What rules should I follow when traveling to Ukraine?

There is no direct ban on travel to Ukraine for foreigners, as everyone is responsible for their own life and safety. However, if a tourist decides to visit Ukraine, two main safety rules must be strictly observed:

➤ Curfew - you need to find out in advance the duration of the curfew in the region you plan to visit. This is the time introduced to maintain law and order. Typically, curfews last from 23:00 until 05:00 the next day, and you should not be outside or in public places during this period.

➤ Air raid alert - we recommend installing the application of the same name on your smartphone and immediately go to the nearest shelter when you receive the signal. You should do the same if you hear the corresponding signal on the street. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Read more about the rules of behavior during air raid alerts, curfews and checkpoints here.

Preparing for the trip and the list of documents for crossing the border of Ukraine

Before your trip, we advise you to take several important steps:

– Check whether your country's embassy in Ukraine is open, write down its contacts and address and keep them in quick access.

– Make electronic copies of your documents.

– When choosing a hotel, pay attention to the availability of bomb shelters (see the database of safe hotels at this link)

– Inform your family and friends about your route and keep in touch with them. 

– Obtain health insurance through a Ukrainian insurer (as long as martial law is in effect in Ukraine, any foreign insurance automatically terminates after crossing the Ukrainian border).

In this case, we recommend that you take out insurance with military risk coverage, which will cover not only standard medical care/treatment/diagnosis, etc. but also accidents and injuries caused by passive or direct military risks.

You can take out such insurance on the Visit Ukraine website. Follow the link and choose an insurance policy with the appropriate coverage and indemnity amount for the required period. 

Read more about the coverage, indemnity amounts and benefits of such insurance here.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that in order to cross the border of Ukraine, you must provide:

– a valid passport;

– a visa (for citizens of countries with which a visa regime is established);

– confirmation of the purpose of the trip - you must have documents that will indicate the reason for your trip to Ukraine - documents on studies, invitations to work, confirmation of family ties, travel reservations and return ticket, etc;

– proof of sufficient funds for the duration of your stay in Ukraine and for your return.

You can check what documents you need to enter Ukraine using a special form on our website. Follow the link and select your citizenship to find out the current conditions of entry and stay.

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How to get to Ukraine?

Airports in Ukraine are currently closed. The only way to get there is by land:

 International trains to Ukraine: find here timetables, prices, countries of connection.

– Buses: depart from many European cities. The number of routes is quite large, so tourists can easily find the best one for themselves. However, keep in mind that border crossing can take several hours due to long queues. 

– Your own car: how to drive a car with foreign registration here.

Checkpoints on the border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova have been opened. The checkpoints with russia, Belarus and Transnistria are closed. For a full list of operating checkpoints, please click here.

Please note that the Visit Ukraine team has already collected the most convenient routes to get to Ukraine from around the world. To find out more, select the country of interest and follow the link:

The most convenient routes to Ukraine fromGreat BritainCanada, the USAPolandMoldovaRomania, the NetherlandsItalySlovakiaSpainLithuaniaEstoniaFrance, and Germany. If you do not find the option you need in the list, enter the country you need in the “search” field on the blog page.

Martial law rules and restrictions

Foreigners staying in Ukraine have the same rights and obligations as citizens of the state. The martial law conditions force guests and citizens to follow a number of rules and be prepared for restrictions:

– Always carry your documents with you. 

– It is strictly forbidden to pick up suspicious objects.

– Officials have the right to check documents, conduct a cursory inspection of a person and a car if necessary. 

– Taking photos and videos at checkpoints, near military units, medical facilities, administrative buildings and other strategic objects is strictly prohibited. 

– Checkpoints - mobile checkpoints have been set up at the entrance and exit of regions, districts, cities and villages. At the checkpoints, documents will be checked and cars will be inspected. Military or police officers may ask you several questions about your route and purpose of travel.

We also recommend that you consider the availability of nearby shelters in case of a threat of rocket fire and air raid alert when developing your travel route.

Before traveling to tourist attractions, we advise you to check the opening hours in advance.

Travel bans

– Excursions, walks, rafting and other types of recreation near military and strategic facilities, as well as critical infrastructure.

– Mass events - concerts, festivals, etc. 

– Visit tourist sites on the border with russia and Belarus, as well as along the front line.

– In certain regions, there are restrictions on visiting forests, water bodies, and mountain routes. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this information in advance. 

– You should refrain from traveling to the regions that were under occupation.

Read more about the prohibited areas for recreation in this article.

Covid-19 in Ukraine

Quarantine restrictions in Ukraine were lifted in the summer of 2023, so there are no vaccination checks and no mandatory quarantine upon entry.

Important contacts

We advise you to memorize these contact numbers:

➤ 101 - State Emergency Service of Ukraine

➤ 102 - National Police of Ukraine

➤ 103 - Ambulance service

➤ 112 - Emergency operational services. 

For more information, please contact the Visit Ukraine hotline (Telegram | WhatsApp).

You can get legal assistance on entering and staying in Ukraine by following this link. Our lawyers provide consultations and full legal support to foreigners in case of the need to draw up documents, disputes, the need to appeal against previously issued decisions and other migration issues.

We remind you! Even during a full-scale war, tourists continue to visit Ukraine and it remains a popular destination for foreign tourists in Europe. Read more about why you should choose Ukraine for your next trip in our previous article.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

We recommend purchasing it for a safe and comfortable trip to Ukraine: 

Visit Ukraine Insurance – safe travel in Ukraine (insurance covering military risks);

Visit Ukraine Legal advice – comprehensive legal support on entry to Ukraine;
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