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Tour vacation "Around the Carpathians in 7 days"

We invite you to join us on a tour where you will see mountains, castles, wine and cheese tastings, thermal pools, lakes, waterfalls and much more!

Tour dates: 13.04, 04.05, 18.05, 01.06, 08.06, 15.06, 22.06, 29.06, 06.07, 13.07, 20.07, 27.07, 03.08, 10.08, 17.08, 24.08, 31.08, 07.09

Tour program:

Day 1: departure from Lviv (09:00) - Mizhhiria (cable car ride to Mount Makavytsia) - Pylypets (lunch, accommodation, visit to the Shypit waterfall, free time, dinner).

Day 2: breakfast and departure (08:00) - Kelechyn (tasting of unique mineral water) - Synevyr Pass (viewing of the Carpathian panoramas) - Synevyr National Park (rehabilitation center for brown bears, hike to the lake, lunch) - Kolochava (visiting museums) - Pylypets (return to the hotel, dinner).

Day 3: breakfast and departure (08:00) - Karpaty Sanatorium (tour of Schönborn Palace) - Mukachevo (tour of the castle and lunch) - Berehove (swimming in the new thermal pool) - Berehove volcanic lowlands (wine tasting) - Berehove district (rural tourism estates, check-in at 19:30, dinner).

Day 4: breakfast and departure (08:00) - Uzhhorod (tour of the castle and lunch) - Kosyno (swimming in the thermal pool) - Berehove district (return to the estates at 20:30, dinner).

Day 5: breakfast and departure (08:00) - Vynogradiv (cheese tasting and buffalo farm tour) - Iza (deer farm) - Nyzhnya Apsha (church tour) - Dilove (tour of the center of Europe and lunch) - Polianytsia-Tatariv (check-in at the hotel at 18:30, Hutsul fun, dinner).

Day 6: breakfast and departure (08:00) - Bukovel (free time: 5-6 hours to relax at the resort: ascent by cable car to the top of Mount Bukovel and viewing the Carpathian panorama, Hutsul-land, Rodelban, Lake of Youth, etc.) - Yaremche (viewing the waterfall, Hutsulshchyna restaurant, shopping for souvenirs and lunch, Dovbush trail) - Bukovel-Tatariv (return to the hotel, dinner). 

Day 7: breakfast and departure (08:00) - Verkhovyna (concert at the Roman Kumlyk Museum and a tour and photo session in Hutsul clothes at the Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Museum) - Yavoriv (master class in quilting) - Kosiv (lunch) - Kolomyia (tour of the Pysanka Museum) - Lviv (return by 22:30).

The price is for one person in the group!

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian!

Included in the price of the tour

travel by comfortable bus; escort of a tour guide; excursion service in tourist facilities; travel insurance; residence.

Not included in the price and will be paid additionally

entrance tickets to tourist facilities; food; tasting

5 reasons to choose toor


One of the most picturesque passes of the Ukrainian Carpathians (height 793 meters)


Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center with an area of more than 12 hectares


The most romantic palace in Ukraine is the hunting palace of Counts Shenborn (1890)


Iza - the capital of basket weaving of Ukraine


Deer farm with over a hundred spotted deer

Key landmarks



From a height of 15m, Shypit waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine, throws its water down many fascinating cascades between the andesine rocks into the picturesque mountain valley. It originates from an immense underground source, the “sea-eye”, in one of the most beautiful places in the Ukrainian Carpathians – Borzhava meadow. Staying here is a great way to escape civilization and revitalise.



Wherever wouldn’t you approach Mukachevo from, on a lonely pointed top, like a magnet, covered with legends and battle glory Mukachevo Castle "Palanok" attracts you.This remarkable military-architectural monument of the Middle Ages was built for protection and control of trade and military routes. Some sources claim that already inIX-X centuries there was a small fort on the mountain built to guard the borders of Kievan Rus beyond the Carpathians. The rusʹkyy prince Fyodor Koryatovich built the castle and turned it into his own residence. The castle walls remember their defender Ilona Zrini, who showed an outstanding courage and heroism in the defense of the castle.



The capital of Hungarian Ukraine, 'Beregsas', is famous for its pools with unique thermal water that rises from a depth of 1,600m and provides treatment for 86 diseases; its analogues are found only in New Zealand. The town has also got several architectural highlights: the Gothic Church of All Saints (1370), the Church of Reformers (XV century), the Count's court — the estate of Prince Betleni (1629), the majestic building of the Imperial court (1908) and the Golden Pava Casino.


Berehovo volcanic lowlands

The outskirts of Berehovo have long been world-famous for their wines, which have a rich aroma and a great wealth of taste. This is due to the volcanic rocks on which the grapes grow and the energy of the sun, which is particularly strong in this part of Transcarpathia.



To learn the taste of Transcarpathia, we invite you to a degustation dinner, during which you can taste the most interesting Transcarpathian dishes, and listen to the a performance of the local Kudakovs (musicians).



“Thermal water of Kosyno” is a modern complex, located in an oak grove, has 5 swimming pools, 7 saunas and the average temperature in the thermal pools reaches + 41 °C. The pride of the complex is that it has the largest fountains and jacuzzis in Ukraine. In the complex, they serve coffee, wine, beer and palenque. The fountain of illusion, the “Golden crane of health”, has a height of 15.5 meters. This spa can be enjoyed by both adults and children.



The capital of vine-weaving in Ukraine. In the village, you can buy a variety of souvenirs from ordinary applied weaves to real works of art.



Ethnographic center of Hutsulshchyna, previously Zhabye which is opening on the banks of the famous Chornyi Cheremosh River, apart of the picturesque Carpathian panoramas it has a lot of other attractions for particular tourists. Here you are welcomed for a concert-excursion in the private Hutsulian museum of household and musical named after Roman Kumlyk. You can get to know about a big Hutsulian love of Ivan and Marichka as well as make photo in the Hutsulian clothes in the hut museum of the movie “Tini zabutykh predkiv" (“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”). You can taste Hutsulska brynzda in the museum of the mountain meadow life “Shepherd’s hut”.



The town of kolomyikas, one of the most beautiful towns in Halychyna, can boast of magnificent Secession buildings in its central part. Be sure to see the visiting card of Kolomyia, the world's unique Museum of Easter egg painting, also known as Pysanka Museum. It is located in the largest egg in the world, standing at 13.5m high, and has a collection of 12,000 exhibits. In the town, you will also see one of the best museums in Ukraine, the National Museum of Folk Art of Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttia named after Yosafat Kobrynskyi, one of the oldest in Ukraine wooden Church of the Annunciation (1587) and the Town Hall (1877), which is not in the center of the Market square but on a street corner.



It is a mountain ski resort No. 1 in Ukraine where one can be lifted by a chairlift up to the top of the mountain Bukovel (1115m) and from which a great panorama of the chain of the Gorgan and Chornogirskyi mountains is opened.

What is included?

Travel by comfortable Euroclass bus

Travel by comfortable Euroclass bus

Accommodation (6 nights)

Accommodation (6 nights)

Accompanying a tour guide

Accompanying a tour guide

Excursion service

Excursion service

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.