About this tour

An excursion to the Rock of Dovbush and the Tustan fortress will allow you to touch history, enjoy wonderful views and feel the incredible energy of stone and mountains.

You will visit some of the most mystical objects of the Carpathian region, you will be able to walk through mysterious gorges, secret passages, caves and paths, you will visit amazing places of "power" and feel yourself outside the boundaries of the real world.


Tour date: every Sunday

You must have with you:

- Small tourist backpack;

- Raincoat or membrane jacket;

- Comfortable shoes (preferably trekking shoes);

- Panama, bandana or other headgear;

- A bottle of water;

- Snack on the road;

- Individual first aid kit, plaster, bandage, mask.


Compliance with all quarantine sanitary and hygienic norms is mandatory: have masks and disinfectants.


- Entrance tickets

- Dinner

- Personal expenses

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian


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- Dovbush rocks are one of the Ukrainian "places of strength" located on the border of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Surrounded by strange stone giants that once rested at the bottom of the ancient sea, which turned into an emerald forest. Here you can find "Kiss of a mutt dog", "Salvador Dali's suitcase", "Intruders from space", "Jolly Roger", "Grunting lambs" and other whimsical formations. You will learn many secrets and legends surrounding the ancient sanctuary. While traveling through the rocks of Dovbush, do not miss the opportunity to appease the Lord of the Forest carved on the Dragon's Tail, crawl through the Purgatory gorge only 22 cm wide (if, of course, sins are allowed to pass), decipher ancient and modern "petroglyphs", see the stone ear and heart of Oleksa Dovbush and admire the wonderful views of the Carpathian Mountains from the top of the rocks. - The rock (cave) monastery, which is a unique example of sacred construction of the 10th-13th centuries, impresses with its mystery and mystery and belongs to the unique archaeological monuments of Ukraine. - The rock fortress city of Tustan (IX-XVI centuries) is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Ukraine. Among his admirers were Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, as well as Ivan Vahylevych. Tustan is a unique monument of history and architecture and has no analogues in the world. Powerful rock formations have been preserved to this day, which give an idea of the scale and grandeur of the fortress. Departure from Uzhhorod at 07:00, Mukachevo - at 07:45.

4 reasons to choose tour


Strengthen and heal your body


Get to know local residents, their lifestyle and traditions


Familiarize yourself with unique tourist objects


Enjoy the unique nature of the Carpathians

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.