About tour

You will visit the following places: Sheshorsky silver waterfalls, JEEP riding: the route to the Written Stone is incredibly beautiful, climbing Pip Ivan mountain, rafting on Cheremoshi.


Tour dates: July 29


Tour program


Day 1:

05:20 - meeting with the guide in the city of Rivne (Pokrovsky shopping centre near the flower shop), the start of the excursion program.

09:00 – stop for breakfast.

11:30 – visit Sheshorsky silver waterfalls.

13:00 – lunch (dry ration), transfer to the hotel.

15:30 – arrival, check-in in double, triple and quadruple rooms (optional).

16:00 – JEEP riding:

20:00 - return to the hotel, free time.


Day 2:

07:00 – breakfast (not included in the price).

07:30 - leaving for an excursion - conquering one of the highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Mount Pip Ivan - 2028 meters above sea level.

08:30 - the beginning of the ascent to Mount Pip Ivan.

19:00 - return to the hotel, free time.


Day 3:

07:30 – breakfast (not included in the price).

08:00 - check out of the hotel, and set off for an adventure! Rafting on Cheremoshi awaits us.

Lunch in a hut.

Going home.

22:30 – return to Rivne. We will specify the time and place of return to other cities individually.

The price does not include: Rafting costs 400 UAH per person additional attractions - vats, jeep the services of a professional guide to the mountains (depending on the number of the group) Personal expenses ( food, souvenirs, etc. ) *Prices may change

5 Reasons to choose a tour


Sheshora silver waterfalls


Climbing to Pip Ivan


Rafting on Cheremosh


An additional attraction for everyone is cooking in tubs


Riding on SUVS

Key landmarks


Sheshor silver waterfalls

A natural wonder - a complex of waterfalls in the Carpathian Sheshory - a place that makes tourists and lovers of active recreation come here in summer and winter. The main goal is the Big Bang! Small at first glance, the Pistyn River gave the Carpathians a complex known far beyond the borders of the country. Sheshorsky Velikiy Huk occupies an area of 5 hectares, and the height from which the water falls is 5 meters. The roar of the water and the billions of drops bouncing off the rocks is an amazing combination of the beauty and majesty of nature.


Riding on jeeps

The incredible beauty of the route to the Written Stone and meeting the sunset in the mountains will not leave any traveller indifferent. Unfortunately, the photo does not convey even half of that beauty, so you need to see it!


Ascent to Pip Ivan

Pip Ivan Chornohirskyi peak, with a height of 2028 m, attracts travellers from all over Ukraine and beyond, due to its dissimilarity to other Carpathian peaks. Why is this so? The top of the mountain is crowned with a "tiara" - a stone building of the former "Bilyi Slon" observatory. Pip Ivan Chornohirskyi is a well-known natural object that conquers a large number of travellers every year and is a place where exotic ceremonies and photo sessions are held.


Rafting on Cheremoshi

An extreme, but a safe type of active recreation in the Carpathians. During the rafting, you will repeatedly overcome the most difficult rapids of Black Cheremosh, master rowing on a catamaran and a raft, and learn how to overcome water obstacles correctly. In the high water, the boat is rapidly carried by the stormy current, the foamy waves cover the head, and the raft sways on the high crests of the shafts. Rafting on Cheremoshi energizes you, and even in a wet diving suit, you are eager to raft down the rapids again.

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route



Professional guide

Professional guide

Travel insurance

Travel insurance



*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.