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The resort complex "Voevodyno" is located on the mountain slopes surrounding the Turyan Valley, in the middle of a beech forest. There, the innocence of the Carpathian forests and the advantages of all the benefits of civilization were combined surprisingly. An excursion to Voevodyno is a stunning and unforgettable trip that will take you back to the times of real counts and will give you many wonderful experiences.

And an interesting excursion to a craft cheese factory, and the variety of types and tastes of cheeses will surprise even the most experienced gourmet.

Participating in an excursion to Voevodyna: Schönborn Park and craft cheeses will delight you with a real aristocratic vacation. Fishing colourful trout, riding horses, getting to know the picturesque Schönborn Park, where every corner is filled with romance and symbolism, a walk around the amazingly beautiful Tur Lake with a magic island will give you an unforgettable vacation.

Excursion program:

Departure from Uzhhorod. Moving to the Voevodyno mountain resort.

A tour of the aristocratic Schönborn Park, which will fascinate you with its symbolism, romance and stunning beauty.

A walk around the amazing Lake Tur.

Fishing colourful trout. Trout for a lunch.

Horseback riding with an instructor or Cinderella's elegant carriage

Have you ever tasted cheese with linden, eucalyptus, walnut, tomato, black, red and blue cheese? An interesting tour and tasting of craft cheeses will be held at the local cheese factory.

Return to Uzhhorod.

The tour starts at 09:00

The tour ends at 17:00

Paid additionally:

Riding with an instructor

Trout for a lunc

Cheese tasting

Carriage ride

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian.

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After leaving Uzhgorod, we will head to the Voevodyno tract, where the resort with the same name is located, which successfully combined the innocence of the Carpathian forests and the conveniences of civilization. Along the way, you will learn a lot of interesting things about the Turyan valley and the people who inhabit it. You will discover for yourself the history, customs and traditions of the Lemkos, the people of Dolina and, of course, the red-haired Vlachs. In addition, you will learn about the ancient Austrian family of the Schönborns, who owned part of the surrounding hunting grounds from 1728 to 1944.

Mountain resort "Voevodyno" surprises with competent planning and well-thought-out infrastructure. Having entered the territory of the complex, it is difficult to imagine that its real scale is seventeen hectares. Peace prevails everywhere, which emphasizes the noise of the cascades of the mountain river flowing through the entire territory of the complex. Upon arrival at the "Voevodyno" resort, you will be treated to a horseback ride through the county park, just like the Counts of Schönborn. You ride through the alleys of the ancient park mounted on horses of elite breeds, accompanied by an instructor. If you are not a fan of horseback riding, then a horse-drawn carriage is at your service.

Fishing enthusiasts are given the opportunity to fish colourful trout in the fish tank of the complex, which, as you know, can live only in ecologically clean water. A delicious dish will be prepared from your catch in the restaurant kitchen according to the selected recipe.

After horseback riding and trout fishing, you are offered rest and a delicious lunch in one of the Voevodyno restaurants. And then, when you rest, a sightseeing walk in the park of the Austrian Counts of Schönborn awaits you.

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5 reasons to choose tour


Take a walk through the possessions of the Schönborn dynasty


Go around Lake Tur


Hear interesting stories and legends


Enjoy the beauty of nature


Taste craft cheeses

Key landmarks


Lake Tur

Strolling around the lake, you will notice a ferry and a charming island that resembles the contours of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in its heyday, where you will also encounter timeless symbolism.


Schönborn Park

The park you will get to know was recreated for the 285th anniversary of the transfer of possessions to the Schönborn dynasty. The emperor granted Bishop Lothar Schönborn large estates in that region, which his family ruled until 1944, for loyal service to the crown of the Austrian Empire. Today, the park is a classic of Austrian park architecture.

What is included?

Travel by comfortable bus

Travel by comfortable bus

Accompanying guide

Accompanying guide

Excursion service at tourist sites

Excursion service at tourist sites

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