About this tour

This 3-hours tour of Kyiv is a good opportunity to see all the most important sights of Kyiv. You will cover all the city sights in a time frame that would be impossible to see during walking tour.

Whether it is your first time in the city or you are simply short of time, you will get a comprehensive overview of the city with a professional guide who knows and loves Kyiv.

Travel back more than 1,500 years to the city’s birth and discover landmarks that represent Kyiv through the ages.

You’ll start your trip from the walking trip to impressive St. Sophia Cathedral with its bell tower and to spectacular St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery. You will go to the Old Kyiv Hill with more than 500-years oak tree on it and will see the place where Kyiv city was founded. One of the most beautiful churches of Kyiv, St. Andrew church, together with “Kyiv Montmartre” – Andrew descent will be on your way.  The splendid view on Dnipro River will be opened for you from Volodymyr’s hill.  You’ll admire the Golden Gates, the former gateway to the fortress city. National Opera of Ukraine is one of the best stages of Europe.  After that you’ll see the masterpiece of neo-Byzantine style – the main temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – St. Volodymyr Cathedral.

Our way will pass by the beautiful University of Taras Shevchenko, amazing Bessarabsky Market, the aristocratic mansions of the Pechersk district, Parliament and Government neighborhoods. We will make stop in the best place for admiring the beauty of huge Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, also known as the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves. We’ll walk to the Museum of Holodomor. Our trip will continue by the widespread quay of Dnipro River with its St. Nicolas Wondermaker on The Water Church. For sure you’ll like old buildings and temples of Podil district. The tour allows seeing Maydan Nezalezhnosti (the Independence Square), the main Kyiv’s Square together with Khreshatyk, the shortest and the widest among the main streets of Europe. Join us and enjoy the diversity of Kyiv!

Price for 1-10 people, regardless of the number of participants.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian, may be in other languages on the request.

*The originality of the text is completely preserved by the author of the tour (tour operator)

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Fall in love with Kyiv


See monumental buildings


Take photos for memory


Hear the stories and legends of Kyiv


Useful and fun to spend time

Key landmarks


St. Vladimir's Cathedral

It is the most famous cathedral in Kyiv. The main temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was erected over 20 years from 1862 to 1882. It was built in the Russian-Byzantine style, the temple is richly painted from the inside by famous artists of that time, such as V. Vasnetsov, M. Nestorov, M. Vrubel, V. Zamirailo, S. Kostenko, N. Pimonenko.


Golden Gate

The Golden Gates of Kyiv is a major landmark of the Ancient Kyiv and historic gateway in the ancient city fortress, located in the capital of Ukraine. Currently it serves as a museum and can be found on the corner of Volodymyr street and Yaroslaviv Val Street (Yaroslav’s Moat). The name Zoloti Vorota is also used for a nearby theatre and a station of the Kiev Metro.


Saint Michael’s Cathedral

Back in 11th century St. Demetrius’s Monastery stood here. It was founded by Prince Isyaslav of Kyiv (Christian name – Demetrius). In July 1108 his son Sviatopolk (Christian name – Michael) started to bulid the stone St. Michael’s church inside the monastery built by his father. The dome was plated with gold, and the new cathedral became known as the St. Michael’s Monastery of the Golden Domes. By the middle of the 18th century and after numerous renovations, the Cathedral had seven domes, all of the gold-plated. The interior was decorated with frescoes and mosaics.


St. Andrew’s Church

Sticking back to the history, the idea to construct the St. Andrew’s church came to Empress Elizabeth, who visited Kyiv in 1744, and with her own hand she laid the first stone of the future church. Now the monogram of the sovereign is inscribed on the frontons of Saint Andrew’s Church. The chief-architect of the court was Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who was known for numerous constructions in the baroque style – grandiose palaces and churches in Saint Petersburg. But the Church of Saint Andrew with its modest proportions is perharps the most harmonious and picturesque work he left behind. Saint Andrew’s Church, an outstanding monument of the 18th century, was declared as a museum in 1968.


Saint Sophia Cathedral

Kyiv’s oldest standing church, St. Sophia’s was built in 1037 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who incidentally was laid to rest inside. He commissioned the project to commemorate the site of a victory of Kyivan Rus over the Pechenegs (Asian nomadic tribes) and to glorify Christianity. It was named after the famous St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Constantinople. This majestic 13-cupola sanctuary adjoined Yaroslav’s Palace and became a holy place of worship for Kyivites as well as a political and cultural centre. With an interior of rich frescoes and mosaics, many of which are still intact almost a millennium later, the cathedral made a huge impression on the ordinary worshippers of Kyiv. Meetings with foreign diplomats and treaty negotiations were held here, and the church housed the first library and school in Kyivan Rus. The azure and white bell tower is 76m high and was finished in 1752. The cathedral’s upper Ukrainian Baroque section and gilded cupola were added in 1852. Today the entire complex is protected by Ukraine, and also receives support from UNESCO.


Opera Theatre

The construction of the Kyiv Opera was completed in 1901. One of the most luxurious theatrical buildings in the world is the masterpiece of the architect V. Schroeter, executed in the forms of the “French Renaissance”, decorated with masks and measures, sculptures of gryphons and muses. In different years, B. Gmyrya, O. Petrusenko, E. Miroshnichenko, A. Kocherga performed here, P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rakhmanov, and F. Chaliapin toured.

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.