Escort for journalists in Kyiv and the Kyiv region

Please coordinate the date with us before booking!

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The price includes:

- English-speaking travel manager support;

- accommodation (1 person, extra rooms are calculated separately);

- breakfast at the hotel;

- English-speaking guide accompaniment;

- advice on entering Ukraine;

- safety rules;

- help in installing air alarm applications (in English);

- bomb shelter map;

- transfer to the hotel (and from the hotel to the railway station or bus station).

The price is calculated for 1–3 people (regardless of the number of people)

Additionally, paid:

- additional room in the hotel

You can also purchase from our website:

medical insurance;

train, bus, plane tickets;

branded merch Visit Ukraine;


*All funds will be used to help restore hero cities.

Day 1 (Thursday)

- transfer from the bus station/railway station; - accommodation in a hotel (breakfast included in the price); - free time.

Day 2 (Friday)

- breakfast at the hotel; - sightseeing tour of Kyiv 3 hours Meeting with the guide near the hotel at 11:00, sightseeing tour of the city; - free time.

Day 3 (Saturday)

- breakfast at the hotel; - Meeting with the guide near the hotel, then escort along the route; - Escort in de-occupied cities (Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel) (starts at 9:00 or 10:00); (Attention, photo and video recording of military objects, military, checkpoints is PROHIBITED) - free time.

Day 4 (Sunday)

- breakfast at the hotel; - check-out; - transfer to the railway station or bus station.

What is included?

Transfer to the hotel

Transfer to the hotel

Guide accompaniment

Guide accompaniment





One of hotels from the list

Premier Hotel Rus

4.5 / very_good

Explore the area

Shevchenko Park

1.1 km

House with chimeras

1.1 km


1.3 km

Independence Square

1.6 km


3 km

What is included in the tour?



Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

Service 24/7

Service 24/7

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.