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LVIVGOROD - or "princely city"

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Let's go back more than 750 years and take a walk in the Pidzamche district.

Dates: every day

Duration: 3 hours

Excursion cost:

  - group of 1-4 persons - UAH 1,270

  - group of 5-10 people - UAH 1,570

  - group of 11-15 people - UAH 1,630

  - group of 16-20 people - UAH 1,810

  - more than 20 people - coordinate with the manager

(For groups of more than 20 people, radio systems are additionally paid for. The price is UAH 50 per person)

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian

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It was here, under the "High Castle", that our city began. Who did these lands belong to, who was the founder of Lviv, where did its name come from? What does "wretched woman" have to do with the dating of the city? Why did Lviv become a well-known trade center of medieval Europe in the absence of important waterways? How was the princely city defended against enemies and why was Lviv called the "second Babylon"? You will hear the answers to these and many other questions during the tour. And a vivid illustration of the princely age will be its witnesses - miraculously surviving CHURCHES. And although the inexorable time has greatly changed their interior, still the spirit of the prince settled here together with the "museum" iconostasis of the Friday Church, the legend of the Church of Mary the Snowy, the miraculous relics of the oldest shrine in Lviv (1292) - the Mykolaiv Church. Under the "heavenly" music in the church of John the Baptist, we will try to imagine the love vicissitudes in the life of Prince Lev, and in the Onufriiv Monastery you will lose track of time. I promise.) Go not far. In space it is about 2 km, in time it is about 100 years. From the beginnings of princely Lviv to 1349, when the conquest of the city by the Polish king ended its Old Russian period.

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Professional guide

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