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3 thermal pools, cheese and wine tasting, castles, a cable car and unforgettable New Year's fun are waiting for you on the tour.

Tour date: December 29, 2023

Tour program:

Day 1

Departure from Lviv (09:00) - Mukachevo (you can join the group in Mukachevo at 12:30) -  -  castle tour and lunch - Berehove (swimming in the thermal pool) -- Berehove   volcanic lowlands (wine tasting) -  - Berehove (check in at the Lark Hotel, check-in at 20:30, dinner).

Day 2;

Breakfast and departure (08:00) - Vynogradovo (cheese tasting and taking pictures with buffaloes) - Khust (ostrich farm, city walk and lunch) - Velyatino (swimming in thermal pools) - Beregovo (return to the hotel at 18:30, dinner).

Day 3

Breakfast and departure (08:00) - Karpaty Sanatorium (tour of Schönborn Palace) - Uzhhorod (city tour) - Barvinok (evening swimming in the thermal pool) - Beregovo (return to the hotel, preparation for the New Year).

Day 4

Late breakfast and departure (10:00) -   Pylypets (inspection of the Shipot waterfall, lunch and ascent by cable car to Mount Gymba, free time for winter entertainment) - Volovets (19:00) - Lviv (return to 22:30).

Proposed options for the New Year's Eve 2023:

1. In the hotel restaurant. Cost and programs - 1700 UAH.

It is waiting for you:

- acquaintance with the customs and culture of Transcarpathia;
- a dance show from the Jazz Band ballet;
- a master class of the traditional Transcarpathian dance "Chardash";
- an enchanting performance of three musicians (folk instrumental ensemble "Faynyi Chardash");

Menu of the festive dinner:
- meat plateau: three types of neck;
- cheese plateau: neck, loin, prosciutto, tongue;
- cheese plateau: royal cheese, mozzarella, feta, parmesan;
- homemade jelly, beetroot salad, Caesar salad, pomegranate bracelet salad.- chop with chicken curl;
- bags with chicken, cheese, mushrooms and greens;
- potato balls with sauce with porcini mushrooms;
- barbecue + Transcarpathian bannocks with onions and bacon;
- sauce, bread, uzvar, mineral water;
- champagne, wine, vodka (1 bottle for 6 people), you can take your own alcohol for fun.
Attention!!! The approximate start of the New Year's program is 22:00. At 24:00 - meeting of the Ukrainian New Year. 01:00 - meeting of the Transcarpathian New Year.
The celebration of the New Year takes place in the restaurant "LaVieD'or" in Mukachevo, and accommodation in Beregovo (30 km between them). Everyone goes to the celebration by centralized bus, and after the celebration they return back at a predetermined time;

2. On the central square of Berehove near the Christmas tree.

NOT included in the price and are paid additionally: Entrance tickets to tourist sites, meals. Cheese and wine tastings, New Year's feast.

Entrance fees: Mukachevo castle: adults - 100 UAH, students, pensioners - 70 UAH, children under 14 - 50 UAH; New thermal pool "Zhayvoronok" in Beregovo (2 hours): general, pensioner, student - 220 UAH, disabled people of the first group - 110 UAH, children from 120 to 150 cm - 110 UAH, children under 120 cm - free, locker rental - 30 UAH; Wine tasting: 100 UAH, excursion without wine consumption - 50 UAH; Excursion to the buffalo farm and tasting of dairy buffalo products: general - 85 UAH, Ostrich farm in Khust: general, pensioner, student - 30 UAH, children under 12 years - 20 UAH; Thermal pool in Velyatino (2 hours): general, students - 250 UAH, pensioners over 60 years - 160 UAH, children under 140 cm - 100 UAH, children under 3 years and participants of the ATO - free of charge; Visit to the cult restaurant "Detsa u Notarya" - 5 UAH; Uzhhorod castle: general (adults) - 100 UAH, pensioners - 75 UAH, students - 70 UAH, pupils - 40 UAH; Thermal pool "Zolota Hora" (2 hours): general - 250 UAH, children under 150 cm - 125 UAH, children under 110 cm - free of charge; Schönborn Palace: adults, pensioners, students - 30 UAH, students - 20 UAH; Rise on the chairlift to Mount Gymba: general - 200 UAH in both directions, children under 10 years old - 150 UAH in both directions; Shypit Waterfall: general, pensioner, student - 20 UAH, student - 10 UAH.

5 reasons to choose tour


Cheese and wine tasting


Visiting of castles


Unforgettable New Year's fun


Evening swimming in the thermal pool


Ascent by chairlift to Mount Hymba

Key landmarks



No matter where you approach Mukachevo, tens of kilometers away, on a lonely peaked hill, like a magnet, the Palanok Mukachevo castle (XIV century) covered with legends and military glory attracts your attention. This outstanding military architectural monument of the Middle Ages was built for protection and control trade and military routes. Some sources claim that already in the IX-X centuries. on the mountain there was a small fortification built to protect the borders of Kievan Rus beyond the Carpathians. The castle was built by the Russian prince Fyodor Koryatovich and turned it into his residence. The castle walls remember their defender Ilona Zrini, who showed miracles of courage and heroism in the defense of the castle.



The former "Beregsas" has long been known for its architectural monuments, but most tourists come here to be treated, have fun and relax. After all, it is here that the modern health complex "Zhavoronok" is located, which is famous for its pools with unique thermal water (temperature 31-45 C). Guests of the complex can be treated and relax all year round in outdoor and indoor pools with natural mineral water, which rises directly from thermal wells more than 1 km deep.


Beregovo volcanic low mountains

The surroundings of Beregovo have long been famous all over the world for their wines, which have a wonderful aroma and richness of taste properties. This is due to the volcanic rocks on which grapes grow and the energy of the sun, because it is here that there are most sunny days in Transcarpathia.



Not far from Vinogradov's Black Mountain is the Carpathian Buffalo Farm, where local enthusiasts are trying to save the northernmost buffalo population in the world. Now more than 30 Carpathian buffalo live on the farm, which you can watch, as well as taste and buy different varieties of buffalo and sheep cheese.



The capital of Carpathian Ukraine, a city located at the crossroads of the rivers Tisza and Reka. The picturesque ruins of the impregnable and once unconquered Khust Castle (XI-XVI centuries) rise above the city. In the city, you can stroll through the Czech quarter and see the pearl of the Transcarpathian sacral construction - the Elizabethan Church, and now it is a Protestant church (XIII century). Not far from the center of Khust there is an ostrich farm in which these largest birds of the world live. Adults of this species can reach a height of 2.7 m and weigh up to 130 kg.



Here, among the picturesque volcanic mountains, springs of thermal waters have long been beating, on the basis of which the modern and comfortable tourist complex "Warm Waters" operates all year round. Local water rises from a depth of 1000 meters, has a temperature of more than 36 degrees, 33 times higher mineralization than sea water and is famous for its high content of iodine and bromine. 3 thermal, 2 mineral and 5 freshwater pools are waiting for you, where, in addition to healing, you can get a big charge of positive and pleasure.



Not far from Uzhgorod, surrounded by the Carpathians, thermal waters rise from the very heart of the earth and bring health and joy to the guests of the Golden Mountain complex. 4 modern thermal pools are waiting for you with water temperatures of 29 and 39 degrees indoors and outdoors. The water is extremely useful and its composition is similar to the thermal waters of the best resorts in France, Germany and the Czech Republic.


Sanatorium Karpaty

Among the picturesque Carpathian Mountains is one of the most beautiful and romantic palaces in Ukraine - the hunting palace of the counts of Shenborn (1890). The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park with many exotic plants and looks at us through 365 windows, invites us through 12 entrances to 52 rooms.



Here, from a height of 15 meters, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine, the Shypit waterfall, drops water into a picturesque mountain valley with many bewitching cascades between the rocks. It originates from a large underground spring, in one of the most beautiful places in the Ukrainian Carpathians - the Borzhava valley. Staying here perfectly helps to take a break from civilization and gives new vitality.

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

Travel insurance

Travel insurance



It takes place in the cozy "Lark" hotel in Berehove, rooms for 2-3 people, with benefits in the room

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.