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Underground tour: the Lybid River and tributaries

Tour dates: every day

Additional information:

For the duration of the tour, we provide special rubber boots that you wear over your shoes;

We also provide flashlights;

The tour is seasonal in nature

In case of rain, the tour is transferred to another location or canceled;


The tour is not intended for individuals:

 - suffering from claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) or nyctophobia (fear of the dark);

 - overweight people - they need to be able to climb into a classic hatch;

 - persons with heart disease or other diseases that make it impossible to engage in physical activity;

 - people with problems with the lower back, spine, etc;

 - children under 7 years old;

The price is for an individual tour (1-10 people)

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian or English to choose from.

To book a tour in English, select the "Underground tour in English" option when booking.

We invite you to take a tour of the underground part of the most famous of Kyiv's small rivers, the Lybed. The largest of Kyiv's sewers is waiting for us. This gigantic structure was built as part of the construction of the access road to the South Bridge. Once upon a time, there was a small village of Saperna Slobidka, where chickens grazed and pigs bathed in the mud... Now multi-ton trucks and expensive foreign cars are rushing by. But nearby, as it has been for a hundred years, there is the ominous Bald Mountain, still undeveloped. The scale of the gloomy dungeon of the chronicle Lybid is impressive, with powerful vaults and columns, among which water is raging. During the tour, we will not limit ourselves to the Lybid alone - we will look into its tributaries Orivakhovatka and Buslivka. You will see how the small river Zhyvets flows. You will learn where the protected fragment of the Lybid is located, recognized as a natural monument of local importance.

5 reasons to choose tour


See the unique mysterious dungeons of Kyiv


Learn a bunch of interesting facts that you can't find on the Internet or hear from others


Listen to very interesting, sometimes creepy stories from our guide


Feel the adrenaline moving through the underground passages and tunnels


The tour will be conducted exclusively for you - individually, you are in charge!

Key landmarks


Underground river Lybid


Kyiv collector


Orikhuvatka and Buslovka

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.