About this tour

Climbing Hoverla, visiting the waterfall and buying souvenirs in Yaremche, cable car to Bukovel.


Attention! In case of adverse weather conditions or other reasons, on the second day of the trip, instead of climbing Hoverla, you can visit museums in Verkhovyna-Kryvorivna or order rafting on the Black Cheremosh (cost 300 UAH/person).


Tour dates: 21.10, 28.10, 

Tour program:

Day 1

Departure from Lviv (08:00) - Halych (visit to the Halych National Park, the Museum of Nature and a walk through the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center) - Ivano-Frankivsk (12:00) - Yaremche (visit to the waterfall, the Hutsulshchyna restaurant, souvenir shopping and lunch) - Bukovel (ascent to the top of Mount Bukovel by cable car and a view of the Carpathian panorama) - Polyanitsa (check-in at the hotel at 19:30).

Day 2

Breakfast and departure (06:00) - Zaroslyak sports center (preparation for the ascent, ascent to Hoverla, snack at the top, lunch and dinner) - Ivano-Frankivsk (approximately 20:30) - Lviv (return to 22:30)


What to take with you:

- document proving your identity (passport);

- comfortable waterproof shoes (preferably mountain trekking boots with high lacing and vibram tread);

- windproof jacket with a hood, preferably waterproof, windproof pants that do not hinder movement, a warm sweater or a polar jacket, a hat (hat, bandana), a raincoat;

- a spare set of clothes (can be left on the bus)

- backpack;

- water (1-1.5 liters per person);

- food for snacks during the climb (sandwiches, chocolate, thermos with hot tea or coffee);

- necessary medicines (individual first aid kit) that you use, adhesive plaster.

Technical information: 1. The length of the route to the top of Mt. Hoverla and back 7 - 7.5 km, altitude difference 800 meters; 2. The ascent to the mountain lasts approximately 4 - 5 hours, the descent approximately 3 - 4 hours; 3. The route is designed for an average group of physically healthy people; 4. Participation in the tour does not require prior training or experience; 5. Alcohol is strictly prohibited during the ascent and descent.

Food: Day 1 Breakfast: You can have breakfast at home, take a snack with you, or have breakfast while the bus is parked at a catering establishment of your choice. Lunch: Takes place in the restaurant "Tourist" in Yaremche. Yaremche and consists of the following dishes: soup with meatballs, rustic potatoes with French meat, vegetable salad, bread, and soup. The price is 130 UAH. Dinner: Takes place at the hotel during the "Hutsul fun!" holiday. Hutsul cuisine: porcini mushroom soup, stuffed cabbage with sour cream, sweet treat, bread, and broth. The cost is 140 UAH. Day 2 Breakfast: Takes place at the hotel, the proposed menu: scrambled eggs, homemade croissant (2 pieces), cheese, butter, bread, tea. The cost is 80 UAH. Lunch: Takes place after the descent from Hoverla in the village of Vorokhta. Menu: vegetable salad, broth with noodles, Hutsul potatoes with drumstick, bread, and soup. The price is 135 UAH per person.

Entrance fees: Galician National Park: Museum and Animal Rehabilitation Center: general, pensioner and student tickets: 50 UAH, children: 25 UAH; Cable car to Mount Bukovel (both ways): general: 200 UAH, pensioners and children under 12: 150 UAH; Ecological and educational trail "To Mount Hoverla": general, student, pensioner tickets: 50 UAH, children: 25 UAH.

5 reasons to choose tour


A walk through the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wild Animals


Yaremche - a view of the waterfall


Climbing the chairlift to the top of Bukovel Mountain


Overview of the Carpathian panorama


Climbing Hoverla

Key landmarks


Galician National Natural Park

One of the most interesting reserves of Ukraine - here you can see landscapes, as well as representatives of birds and animals from almost all corners of Ukraine. It houses the wonderful "Nature of the Galician Land" museum and the country's first Rehabilitation Center for sick and found animals. Bears, wild rams, foxes, raccoon dogs, wolves, owls, eagles, herons, ducks, and deer are now recovering here. And the decoration of the Center is a whole family of bison - the largest mammals in Europe. The interactive quest program "Visiting Fairy Tales" is especially popular with visitors, during which you can walk through the forest along an animal path, where the tracks of 14 forest animals are reproduced, and also visit Baba Yaga's hut.


Yaremche Probij waterfall

A famous climatic resort located between picturesque mountains in the picturesque valley of the Prut River. Thousands of people admire the cascading waterfall "Probiy" (Yaremchanskyi Huk) and the wooden restaurant "Hutsulshchyna" every year.



Ski resort No. 1 in Ukraine, where you can climb a chairlift to the top of Mount Bukovel (1115 m), which offers a wonderful panorama of Gorgan and the Black Mountain range.


Mount Hoverla

The highest peak in Ukraine with a height of 2,061 m. It is located on the border of Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, and is the dominant point of the high mountain range of the Carpathian Chornohora. This is not only the highest mountain in our country, but also an extremely picturesque location with unparalleled views of the Chornohorsk range and beyond.

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

Travel insurance

Travel insurance



Hotel in the village Polyanytsia at the resort "Bukovel" Comfortable 2-, 3-, 4-bed rooms with amenities in the room.

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.