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13 Oct. 2022


Benefits that can be used by participants in hostilities



Benefits that can be used by participants in hostilities

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Ukrainian legislation provides benefits for participants in hostilities and persons equated to them. We will tell you exactly what benefits are available to the participants in hostilities in our state.

According to the law of Ukraine "On the status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection", the following benefits are granted to combatants and persons equated to them:

1. Free drugs, immunobiological drugs and prescription drugs;

2. Free dentures and provision of sanatorium-resort treatment (it is also possible to receive compensation for the cost of independent sanatorium-resort treatment);

3. 75% discount on the fee for the use of housing and communal services;

Importantly! The area of ​​the dwelling at the time of calculating the heating fee is 21 square meters of heating area per person permanently living in the apartment/house and an additional 10.5 square meters per family.

If the family consists only of persons unable to work, a 75% discount is granted on the use of gas for heating the home for twice the size of the standard heating area (42 square meters per person and 21 square meters per family);

4. 75% discount on the cost of fuel, including liquid fuel, for people living in houses without central heating;

5. Free use of all types of public transport;

6. Free travel once every two years by rail, water, air or long-distance road transport or travel once a year (round trip) by the indicated modes of transport with a 50% discount;

7. After retiring or changing the place of work, it remains possible to use polyclinics and hospitals to which the person was previously assigned;

8. Annual medical examination or medical examination;

9. Priority in service in medical institutions, pharmacies and priority hospitalization;

10. Payment of benefits due to temporary incapacity for work - 100% of the average salary, regardless of length of service;

11. Using annual leave at any time, as well as receiving additional leave with salary for a period of 14 calendar days per year;

12. Preferential right to remain employed when the number of employees is reduced;

13. Priority provision of living space for persons who need to improve living conditions, and priority allocation of land plots for individual housing construction, gardening and gardening. Those who were wounded or maimed during hostilities are provided with housing by the state;

14. Obtaining a loan for the construction, reconstruction or capital repair of residential buildings and yard buildings;

15. Priority right to join housing and construction cooperatives, parking lots for vehicles, gardening societies, etc.;

16. Extraordinary use of all communication services and a 50% discount on the telephone tariff;

17. On the territory of other states, combatants have a preferential right to admission to institutions of higher, professional education, the right to out-of-competition admission to institutions of professional education;

18. Priority service by enterprises, institutions and organizations of household services, public catering and institutions providing social care services.