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16 Oct. 2022


How life is arranged in the USA: key differences from Ukraine

USA (United States)


How life is arranged in the USA: key differences from Ukraine

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Moving to another country is a significant stress, because it is always difficult to leave the usual rhythm of life and adapt to completely new conditions, people, and traditions. Moreover, this is a big test against the background of a full-scale war that has been destroying Ukraine for almost 8 months.

The USA has significantly simplified the rules of entry and residence for Ukrainians, we talked about this earlier in our article at the link. Today we will talk about how life is arranged in the USA and what Ukrainians will have to get used to.

At first glance, it may seem that the USA is a completely different world: temperature in Fahrenheit, length in feet, area in acres, weight in ounces, distance in miles, instead of the usual 220 volts - 110 volts of mains voltage, and also very large pickup trucks, high tips in restaurants and much more. However, these are not all features of the American lifestyle.


There are many people of different nationalities living in the USA. Embassies of 170 countries are located in Washington. Children from 50 different countries can study at the school at the same time, and everyone speaks their own national language. Probably all existing churches are represented in the country - Christians, Muslims, Buddhists all live on the same land. In the United States, there is a constant exchange of cultures between people, while everyone always maintains their own identity.

Character traits of Americans

Americans smile a lot, get to know each other freely, communicate and are always happy to help. They value their time and their own space. They always keep their distance in the queues, and when they pass by in the store, they always apologize. At the end of every conversation, Americans always wish each other a good day - such a simple habit gives so much positivity.

Thanks to the close living of people of different nationalities and religions, Americans have developed tolerance for others, and as a result, every resident of the United States can express himself as he likes - style of clothing, habits, hobbies. No one will judge or criticize you.


In the United States, people with disabilities, cerebral palsy or autism live normal lives. Children are taught from an early age to treat other special children calmly. And although, for example, autistic children study according to a special program, they attend some classes together with everyone else. People in wheelchairs can not only move freely, but can also work. Children of any age can be taken with them to work - in this way, the mother or father is not on maternity leave, but working and developing. After all, everyone deserves equal opportunities, regardless of additional features or age.

Service and self-organization

In the USA, everything is done for people's comfort. Excellent service in cafes, restaurants, transport, supermarket, post office. Everyone loves their work, performs it well, and most importantly, no one humiliates each other for their position, and people's work is really appreciated.

Self-organization is another important aspect of American life. People do not wait for someone to do something for them, but arrange their lives independently - they decorate houses and streets, sort garbage, take an active part in the management of schools where their children study, support the elderly and the sick.

They know their rights and fight for them, even in the strangest cases for a Ukrainian. For example, they can write a letter from the village with a request to change the route of the plane, because the sound of the engine disturbs the residents or its presence reduces the value of houses. And these requests will be considered, and the Americans will definitely receive an answer from the management.

However, it is very difficult to call the federal agencies to get a manager's consultation, sometimes you have to wait more than 40 minutes to be connected with a specialist.

As the Americans themselves say, the state provides them with the police, an honest court, and the army, and they will do the rest themselves.


It is very important for Americans to get a quality education. According to research, going to college and getting a first job after graduation reduces the lifetime probability of family poverty to less than 2%. Therefore, it is very important for children to study well and choose schools with a high rating for this.

Studying at a US university is quite expensive, parents start saving money for it immediately after the birth of a child. The US spends 15% of its annual budget on education, which is even more than the defense sector.

Vacations and holidays

Americans work a lot and rest little. There are only 6 public holidays in the USA per year. For example, there are 12 of them in Ukraine.

The employer decides the working conditions independently and they are prescribed in the employment contract. The duration of leave varies depending on the organization, but on average, an employee who has worked for 1 year can count on 5 days of paid leave. Then the number of days will gradually increase depending on work experience. An American can take 3 days a year at his own expense.


Americans are very athletic. Love for sports is instilled from the first lesson of physical education. There are no regulations, the main thing is to understand that sport is health. To be able to respect team members and opponents, as well as learn to win and lose.

Residents of the USA like to run, play tennis, basketball, baseball, ride bicycles or skate.


Americans don't really like to cook at home. For them, it is better to buy a ready-made salad or have a snack in a cafe. The choice of coffee shops is also impressive, thanks to the multinational population in the USA, you can try the cuisine of many peoples of the world - Mexican, Indian, Ukrainian, Italian, Greek, Japanese and others.

Stores and garage sales

Americans like to buy products in large wholesale stores and take them with a supply for several months ahead. Also, almost every supermarket chain has its own mobile application where product reviews are collected. Residents of the USA are very fond of leaving and reading reviews.

It is also worth noting that people often buy a lot of various unnecessary things and trinkets that you can easily do without. When the amount of things that the family does not use cannot fit in the garage, a garage sale is held. Once a year on a day off, all property with price tags is displayed on the site near the garage. People come in, look and buy what they like.

Expensive car beauty and repair services

Many Ukrainian women who had to go abroad due to the war note the high price for beauty services, which do not always correspond to a certain quality. The USA is no exception. Getting a haircut or a simple manicure can be a big problem. After all, the cost of a manicurist's services starts at $50, but the quality of the work can amaze you. It's just that American women are not very fond of such procedures.

Car repair prices are also quite high. Despite the fact that you can buy a used car for very little money. However, replacing a broken part will cost you at least $400, while the part itself may cost only $50.


Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of fraudsters in the USA. They try to deceive people on the phone, in e-mails, and of course on the street. You can also meet pickpockets.

Local residents complain about numerous phone calls - social surveys, intrusive advertising and fraudulent schemes.

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