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03 Nov. 2022


Running away from Ukraine: how men flee from war



Running away from Ukraine: how men flee from war

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

We warn you! The material is not of a recommendatory nature, but serves as an example of how Ukrainian men get into curious situations due to their reluctance to fight. We would also like to remind you that illegal border crossing is subject to an administrative penalty.

Martial law in Ukraine provides for restrictions on the departure of conscript men aged 18 to 60. However, the reluctance to fight and be useful to the native country caused the emergence of a large number of fraudulent schemes for transporting men abroad illegally.

We have collected seven main schemes by which men try to escape abroad in the conditions of martial law, and as a bonus - the top of the most curious situations that have become memes.

The first scheme is illegal crossing of the state border

One of the most popular schemes consists in banal escape from the country. In such cases, men are ready to do almost anything to avoid mobilization. Yesterday they shouted that they would exterminate the occupiers, and today they disguise themselves as women or give bribes to be released abroad.

For example, in March of this year, a curious situation occurred at the border with a man who, wearing make-up, a wig and women's clothes, tried to outwit the military and leave Ukraine using his wife's passport, taking a minor child with him.

Photo: State Security Service (DPSU)

According to the statistics of the State Border Service, from the beginning of the war to October, bribes were offered to border guards more than 280 times. The total amount of bribes offered for leaving the country amounted to more than 4 million hryvnias.

Bribery is not the most difficult way to escape from war. Because some of the evaders are ready to go through swamps, fields and forests to bypass border control. And some generally agree to cross the line of hostilities in order to go to a third country through the occupied territory.

In May, three men in Transcarpathia tried to enter Romania illegally, but the military intercepted them. Seeing the law enforcement officers, the evaders hurried to swim across the Tisza River. The story ended tragically - one man died, another went missing.

In one of the cases, a man was found in the trunk of a car. It is also known about situations when "patriots" tried to be covered by their wives, hiding their husbands in trunks or back seats of cars.

Photo: State Security Service (DPSU)

The second scheme is the forgery of documents

Situations involving conscripts attempting to travel abroad with forged documents are not uncommon. For the most part, this scheme takes into account citizens who tried to "slash" for a certain amount with the help of:

• a military ticket with notes on the removal of a person from military registration;

• certificates from the military medical commission on unfitness for military service with subsequent exclusion from military registration.

Evaders often try to leave Ukraine with a "white ticket", due to "disability" or a "difficult diagnosis". Judging by the prices on the network, counterfeiters will demand about 2,000 dollars for such a "certificate".

Moreover, once there was a case when "pregnancy" was indicated as the reason for removing a man from military registration.

The third scheme - "father of many children"

This scheme refers to the forgery of documents in order to cross the border as a father of many children. Often, border guards have to "check" the family tree of men, as the cases when evaders reproduce on paper have become more frequent.

By law, men who are fathers of three or more children can safely leave Ukraine. It does not matter whether these children are from the same marriage or have different mothers.

It was not possible to find out exactly how to get such a certificate and how much it costs to become the father of three children.

A curious situation related to this scheme occurred at the "Shegini" checkpoint. There, border guards exposed a Ukrainian who "bought" two children in order to escape from the country. The man admitted that he paid 120,000 hryvnias for forged documents.

In addition, in March, the military found a man in a "baby box" on the border with Moldova. He tried very hard to sneak into the neighboring country unnoticed, but something went wrong.

Photo: State Security Service (DPSU)

The fourth scheme - departure for "treatment"

In this scheme, men practice the diagnosis of "inflammation of cunning", of course, such a disease does not exist, but dodgers find a method to escape from the war on the basis of health. Banally and without fiction, men try to go abroad, providing forged documents that allegedly confirm the need for treatment abroad.

The fifth scheme is a letter to the DPSU with a request for assistance in crossing the border

This scheme allows travel outside Ukraine on the basis of letters from state bodies to the State Border Service with a "huge request" to assist conscripts in crossing the border.

The sixth scheme - traveling abroad through the "Shlyah" system

This scheme allows you to travel outside of Ukraine as a driver who allegedly transports humanitarian aid, medical cargo or cars for the "needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

In most cases, the "Shlyah" system is intended for volunteer assistance to Ukrainians, but it is also actively used by those trying to escape abroad.

How "Shlyah" works: details

According to the rules of the system, in order for a driver to leave the country, the organization (carrier or charity) involved in the delivery of cargo or humanitarian aid must provide a letter of justification from the military, law enforcement agencies, medical facilities or the senders or receivers of the cargo.

First, such a letter is sent to the Ministry of Infrastructure or Regional military administration. Then the data is entered into the Shlyah system and coordinated with the State Security Service. The system allows you to stay abroad for no more than a month.

Also, in this scheme, there is another option, how to slip across the border. Yes, it is possible to leave through the Shlyah system as a second driver.

The scheme works approximately as follows: two drivers leave Ukraine on a vehicle, and one driver returns to the territory of Ukraine.

For evaders who want to escape abroad using the Path system, counterfeiters offer to pay for the service from $700 (one-time crossing) to $2,000 (multiple crossings).

We will remind you! Previously, we wrote about how to go abroad to a husband during martial law. You can familiarize yourself with all possible legal options in our material.

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