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05 Nov. 2022


10 rights of Ukrainians in the EU: what privileges does temporary protection confer

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10 rights of Ukrainians in the EU: what privileges does temporary protection confer

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

After the start of the full-scale war, tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens found refuge in the countries of the European Union. In order for Ukrainians abroad to feel as comfortable and protected as possible, the governments of European countries granted them the right to a long-term stay, free housing, education, medicine and official employment. Read more about what rights Ukrainians have acquired while staying in the EU.

The right to temporary protection

Citizens of Ukraine who are forcibly staying in the European Union have the right to receive temporary protection status, which was recently extended by the European Commission until March 2024. The legislation also provides that this period can be extended for another six months at most twice if necessary.

The status of temporary protection gives Ukrainians a number of rights, such as a residence permit, the right to employment, education, health insurance, etc.

Is it possible to lose temporary protection?

A person loses this status in the following cases:

• If she committed a crime, namely a crime against peace, humanity or a non-political crime;

• The Council of the European Union will approve the relevant decision;

• The war in Ukraine will end.

The social protection

Ukrainians who have acquired the status of temporary protection in the EU can apply for financial assistance. To obtain it, you need to contact the city government, the employment center or the migration service. You can also be helped by volunteers who will tell you how to get temporary protection status.

Each country has its own procedure for processing the necessary documents and different amounts of payments.

In addition to financial support, Ukrainians can receive funding for a kindergarten, money for the purchase of goods for children under the age of three, a one-time payment for the purchase of textbooks or books for schoolchildren and students.

Remember that you cannot get additional support in all European countries.

The state will pay a monthly allowance until the Ukrainian returns home or gets a job to support himself.

Free accommodation

Ukrainians can apply for free housing in EU countries: it can be a separate apartment or a bed-place in places of accommodation. Some countries have implemented programs that encourage their citizens to house immigrants from Ukraine in their own homes.

Attention! From 2023, citizens of Ukraine in Poland will have to partially pay for accommodation in places of collective accommodation. More details at the link.

Travel to EU countries

Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia and Hungary let all Ukrainians fleeing the war into their territory. You can cross the border without a biometric foreign passport. The same rules apply to children.

Access to health care

The country that accepts refugees from Ukraine guarantees them free medicine. In particular, Ukrainians are given access to:

• Vaccinations for children;

• Psychological support;

• Outpatient and inpatient treatment.

Countries that provide full health insurance provide refugees with the right to a European Health Insurance Card. It allows you to receive medical services in any EU country.

There are also 1,600 centers in the EU to help patients with rare diseases and complex conditions.

Language learning and education

Temporary protection status provides access to preschool, school and vocational education. Ukrainian children acquire the same rights as citizens of European countries.

Adults can learn local languages ​​to speed up adaptation and job search.

Telephone and Internet

In many European countries, you can find operators that offer favorable tariffs for calls to Ukraine. In addition, Ukrainian and European mobile operators signed a joint statement in April, which allows calling from Ukrainian operators without additional costs.

It is worth noting that Ukraine will join the EU roaming zone in the future. We are currently waiting for the official decision of the European Commission.

Searching for a job in the EU and using banking services

All Ukrainians can be officially employed or self-employed. Working conditions, pay and treatment should be the same as the local population. The European Commission recently launched an online job search project - the EU Talent Pilot Initiative. With the help of this platform, you can upload your resume and respond to vacancies.

In addition, Ukrainians can easily open a bank account in the country where they are staying. Therefore, it is possible to make money transfers and payments, currency transactions or receive cash at ATMs without difficulty. However, in which countries you can exchange hryvnia for local currency, read at the link.

The right to protection from violence

The EU resolution adopted in April protects Ukrainian refugees from violence and sexual exploitation. According to the document, Ukrainian women can receive emergency contraception, gynecological care, etc.

Legalization of driver's license

Ukrainian driving licenses are valid in Europe. In the presence of an identity document, it is allowed to use old-style licenses (written in Cyrillic) without a translation or an international driver's license.

Drivers who have a license issued for the first time for two years can use it even after the expiration date. Certificates that have not been exchanged since the beginning of 2022 are also valid, all the rest are subject to exchange on the territory of Ukraine.

When Ukrainians lose their driver's licenses, they are issued a temporary license without passing exams.