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08 Nov. 2022


Cost of living in Portugal: rent, food, entertainment

Cost of living


Cost of living in Portugal: rent, food, entertainment

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Moving to Portugal will give you many positive emotions, because it is a country on the coast of the ocean with a mild climate, wonderful landscapes, friendly people and fairly affordable prices.

The cost of living in Portugal is probably the lowest among all Western European countries. A family of 2 people who will settle in a small town in Portugal should count on a budget of €2,300 per month, in Lisbon – €2,500-2,800.

Find out more about the Portuguese healthcare system, insurance for foreigners and medical tourism here.

Renting housing and utilities in Portugal

As in most European countries, you will spend a significant part of the budget on renting housing. The rent for a one-room apartment in a small town or in the central part of the country starts from €350 per month, for a two-room apartment from €700. In Lisbon, the price of an apartment starts at around €1,200 per month - in areas located half an hour's walk from the tourist centers of Baixa, Chiado, etc.

However, when looking for budget housing, it is worth considering that an inexpensive apartment may not have a heat source, the tenant will have to buy portable heaters. Independent heating will also affect the cost of utility services, in particular electricity. It is important that not all residential complexes in Portugal are equipped with elevators, so pay attention to this if the lack of an elevator may be a problem for you.

Utilities: electricity, heating, water and garbage collection for a middle-class apartment will cost an average of €120 per month.

Internet and telephone services €50 per month.

Cost of food

Products in Portugal are inexpensive, the couple's budget starts at €350 per month. Traditional markets continue to operate in many cities and towns in Portugal, including Lisbon. Many European supermarket chains are also represented in the country.

A pleasant bonus for connoisseurs of olive oil and good wine will be their low cost and excellent quality in Portugal. A bottle of local wine costs around €3.

A trip to a cafe or restaurant will not be a problem for your budget. A special lunch in a cafe in Portugal (prato do dia) usually costs €7-10 per person. A dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant will cost €30, including wine. You will spend approximately €250 on entertainment: dinner at a restaurant once a week and a movie twice a month.

The cost of travel in Portugal

Public transport in the country is very convenient and cheap. A metro ticket in Lisbon costs €1.50, and a bus ticket is also less than €2. Monthly pass – €40.

Gasoline costs approximately €1.5 per liter. The monthly parking fee ranges from €50 to €120, depending on the location. You can usually rent a car for less than €30 per day. However, travel on most major highways is tolled, for example, a trip from Porto to Lisbon will cost around €30.

More about the rules for using a private car in Portugal at the link.

Medical services

Portugal has a high level of healthcare. State hospitals are modern and well-equipped. Many doctors in both private and public institutions speak English.

The national health care system covers basic health care needs, accidents and illnesses. Medical care in Portugal is usually free, but in some cases a fee may be charged. Therefore, we advise you to take care of medical insurance before your trip. You can issue an insurance policy by following the link.

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