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11 Nov. 2022


S status in Switzerland: how to issue it, social support and rights of Ukrainians

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S status in Switzerland: how to issue it, social support and rights of Ukrainians

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the "Status S" temporary protection program for Ukrainians has been operating in Switzerland.  In November, the country's Federal Council extended the program until March 4, 2024.

Ukrainians have the right to temporary housing, social assistance and medical care. There are currently 67,000 Ukrainians in Switzerland, but the number of refugees may increase as the war in Ukraine continues.

We advise those who plan to move to this country to familiarize themselves with the basic rules for applying for asylum in Switzerland.

Rules of entry

Ukrainians can enter Switzerland without a biometric passport or visa.

You can stay on the territory of the state without obtaining protection for up to 90 days.  According to these conditions, you are not entitled to social assistance and health insurance, and you cannot work without a visa.

Switzerland accepts citizens of Ukraine without vaccination against Covid-19, there are also no quarantine restrictions.

Pets are allowed only in exceptional cases. More detailed information on the website of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Administration.

In Switzerland, you can exchange cash hryvnias for francs, see the link for instructions.

Where to apply for protection?

In order to legally stay in the country, Ukrainians need to issue temporary protection status "Status S". Registration is carried out at the Federal Asylum Centers Bundesasylzentrum (BAZ). The RegisterMe application allows you to pre-select a date for an interview. The application can also be sent by e-mail or regular mail.

The protection registration procedure consists of: filling out an application, providing personal data and fingerprints. Each application is checked individually. The decision is made within a few days. The answer will be sent by mail to your region of residence.

After registration and registration of S status, you will be assigned to one of the country's cantons, of which there are only 26 in the country. The region will be responsible for your accommodation and support.


After arriving in the canton, you will be accommodated in the refugee reception center. Conditions vary, but most often up to 20 people live in a room. Gradually, on a first-come, first-served basis, you can be resettled with a family that is ready to accept refugees, but this process often takes up to several weeks. When you find a job and can support yourself, you can rent an apartment.

If you plan to look for housing on your own, you should consider that the search procedure can take more than one month, as the competition in the country is very high. You can find an apartment on the following websites: Homegate, Immoscout24 and Immoclick. The average cost of renting a house in Switzerland is about 1000€ per month.

Medical services

After obtaining the S status, Ukrainians are entitled to free primary medical care: doctor's appointments, consultations, diagnostics and free prescription drugs.

Detailed information can be obtained from the canton where you live, as conditions may differ slightly depending on the region.

The hotline is also open: 0041 58 387 77 20.

To call an ambulance, call 144. Emergency assistance is provided to everyone who needs it.

We draw your attention, if you are planning a trip abroad, you should take care of the insurance policy, because it is the guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine.  In order not to have trouble abroad and to be calm for yourself and your loved ones, Visit Ukraine recommends taking out medical insurance in advance.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance in Switzerland is 1,500 Swiss francs (€1,510) per month. However, not all refugees receive the payment. Each payment application is considered separately, taking into account the financial situation of a specific person or family. Such a system operates in Switzerland for refugees from all countries of the world. Assistance is paid by the canton in which you live.

More details about financial support in Switzerland at the link.

Free travel

Refugees from Ukraine have the opportunity to use public transport (2nd class) free of charge to travel to their destination in Switzerland or for transit.

For free trips to the authorities, federal asylum centers or cantonal welfare authorities, you can be provided with appropriate travel tickets.

Where to look for work?

Ukrainians who received S status in Switzerland have the right to work. Before starting work, the employer must apply for a work permit in the canton where the place of work is located. The canton will check whether the applicable wage and working conditions are observed. After the permit is issued, a confirmation letter will be sent.

You can start looking for a job by registering with the State Employment Service (RAV). Specialists will also advise you on the specifics of the Swiss labor market and offer courses (language and qualification).

Job search for Ukrainians: Jobcloud.

Job search sites in Switzerland:, Indeed.


Ukrainian children can attend schools in Switzerland for free.  Primary and secondary education is compulsory for all children.  Children go to school from the age of four.

State education is the responsibility of the cantons. The canton to which the child has been assigned will determine when the child can start school and whether preliminary preparatory/language lessons are required.

More detailed information about the peculiarities of staying in Switzerland is collected on the portals supporting Ukrainians in Switzerland: