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23 Nov. 2022


Insulation of houses and strategic stocks: how to properly prepare for winter?



Insulation of houses and strategic stocks: how to properly prepare for winter?

We need your help to give Ukrainians light and warmth. We raise funds for: power banks, flashlights, warm blankets, arrangements for bomb shelters
We need your help to give Ukrainians light and warmth. We raise funds for: power banks, flashlights, warm blankets, arrangements for bomb shelters

Due to the damage to the electrical infrastructure, the authorities persistently ask Ukrainians to save electricity. Thanks to the contribution of each of us, we will keep Ukraine "warm" and "bright". We will tell you more about how to insulate your home, what to stock up on in case of a blackout, and what steps will save electricity.

What to do to save light?

A conscious attitude to the use of electrical resources will help the country survive the consequences of missile attacks and restore infrastructure. DTEK specialists advise doing the following:

1. Give up incandescent lamps. Choose LED and fluorescent alternatives. The brightness of an 8 W LED lamp is similar to a 60 W incandescent lamp;

2. Remove dust from lighting devices, because it can absorb up to 15% of light;

3. Be creative and use unusual lighting sources. They can be garlands, toys or blogger LED lamps. These devices are powered by batteries, so they are safer than candles. In addition, you can control the brightness of the light;

4. Design a candle that will last more than a year. How to do it:

• Buy a 3 W LED, two batteries, tape or cling film, copper wire and rubber band;

• Connect the batteries so that the "plus" and "minus" are on different sides;

• On one side, attach a piece of copper wire to connect "plus" and "minus";

• Add an LED on the other side of the "plus" and "minus";

• Fasten the copper wire and the lamp on both sides of the batteries with a rubber band.

Insulate your home and prepare warm clothes

Did you know that a window covered with a blanket will increase the room temperature by 2-4°C even without heating? This and other methods will help save up to 13% of the heat in the apartment. Start by insulating windows, apartments, balconies and doors. To do this, use the following means:

• Foam rubber;

• Silicone foam;

• Blanket;

• Old clothes.

You can insulate the external walls with foam or mineral wool - this will save up to 70% of the heat. Experts give an example of a 5-story building that was not heated for a week. In an insulated building, the temperature was +18 C, and in a similar high-rise building, the temperature dropped to +8 C.

It is interesting that switched on household appliances and people in the room emit heat and contribute to heating. Carpets also help keep heat in, so consider insulating rooms with them.

Do not neglect home clothes. Remember that it is better to wear several layers of clothing, woolen socks and insulated shoes. Why do you need three layers of clothing?

The first layer absorbs moisture;

The second - keeps heat;

The third one protects against drafts, wind and rain.

Heaters are a lifesaver at low temperatures. Fill them with hot water and hold them close to your body. If you don't have a special heating pad, use a plastic bottle.

How to use household appliances and save electricity?

Reducing electricity consumption by up to 50% is not difficult if you make an effort and follow simple steps:

1. Choose equipment with energy efficiency class A, A+, A++. Such devices consume less energy, which is very important this year;

2. Think about the location of the equipment. If your refrigerator is next to a stove or heater, move it. Such a step will save up to 30% of electricity;

3. Set the "sleep mode" on the computer. The monitor uses the most energy, so a function that will make it turn off 5-10 minutes after you stop using it will save energy consumption twice;

4. Turn off the chargers from the sockets. Even without the device, they continue to consume up to 1 W per hour.

Optimize your life

A lot of energy is spent on cooking. So that your kitchen does not consume precious resources, we recommend doing the following:

1. Boil only the required volume of water. This will help save both water and several kWh of electricity;

2. Cook over moderate heat. During active boiling, water evaporates, and 0.6 kWh of electricity is consumed for each liter;

3. DTEK recommends using a steamer. It requires little electricity - 5-6 times more than an electric stove;

4. If your kitchen is equipped with an electric stove, turn it off 10-15 minutes before your meal is ready. As the hotplate retains heat, the food will be cooked, and you will save precious kilowatts;

5. Use a gas travel torch during power outages. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and remember the safety rules to avoid a tragic accident.

There is also an opportunity to save in the bathroom. Washing at low temperatures saves up to 40% of electricity, and maximum loading of the washing machine will save an additional 15%. Choose a shower instead of a bath. A short shower requires 50 liters of water, and relaxing in the bathroom requires 200.

In a private house, you can cook food over a fire: both tasty and economical. However, it is advisable to take care of special dishes in advance and follow safety rules.

What should be at home in case of a blackout?

First, prepare drinking and technical water. Do not forget to periodically replenish its stocks.

Secondly, buy products that keep freshness for a long time: canned goods, flour, oil, cereals, salt, nuts, dried fruits, sweets, sugar, honey.

Take care of your pets. You should always have food and grooming supplies.

Store products in cool places. It can be a balcony, a windowsill, a cellar or a pre-dug pit.

Remember, every Ukrainian can contribute to the rapid restoration of the electricity system. Heed the requests of the authorities and the recommendations of experts to return the light to our cities as soon as possible.

We will remind you! Earlier, we wrote whether a complete blackout is possible in Ukraine in the near future. More details at the link.